Troubador Success in Schools

Released: 01/12/2012

ISBN: 9781780883304

Format: Paperback

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Success in Schools

A practical handbook of tools for teachers and parents to use with children


Success in Schools is a ground-breaking book, written by a senior leader in education with over thirty years experience, that provides teachers and parents with powerful tools to help children overcome challenges and experience greater success in school.

It contains:
  • Fifteen practical strategies designed to help children achieve their potential.
  • Straightforward scripts that allow the tools to be used confidently from day one.
  • Techniques designed to increase independence in children and give teachers and parents quality time to focus on and enjoy their children’s progress. 
  • Innovative mind-focussed approaches that have been tried and tested with school staff, parents and children, to support success now and in the future. 
Through using Success in Schools you’ll discover:
  • How to focus on success when writing or when completing a maths activity
  • How to feel more confident when faced with a challenge 
  • How to ‘let go’ of anxiety before a test, an audition or an exam 
  • How to concentrate instead of being distracted  
  • How to develop resilience and deal with setbacks 
  • How to aim for excellence 

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Tamba Roy

Tamba Roy is an experienced consultant and founder of Trident Solutions, which provides innovative support for those within education or business. The Trident statement “revealing inner resources to exceed expectations” reflects the aim of realising inner potential to attain long term success.

Tamba’s experience includes: Headteacher of two schools; University Lecturer, Leadership Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master NLP Coach and Motivational Speaker.

He provides powerful keynotes,training events and workshops as well as one to one coaching for leaders, helping them to determine goals and overcome challenges.

Since 2007 Tamba has worked around the country supporting success. He has focussed on developing practical techniques, to help individuals, groups and teams to overcome the barriers limiting their achievement.

In 2012 he published Success in Schools which enables teachers, parents and carers to share unique tools with children to support them in reaching their true potential.

His latest book 'Success in Focus' refers to some of the latest research and neuroscience. The book provides insights and practical tools that empower adults to make the changes they want to make. Each chapter explores areas of support that can be related to home, education, retail, sport and office, but there are no limits to their application.

You will discover practical strategies that can empower you not only to be successful, but also to feel successful.

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