Troubador Snowdrops for a Soldier

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890000

Format: Paperback

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Snowdrops for a Soldier

My Tribute to Uncle Charlie


Snowdrops for a Soldier tells the story of Karen J. Yates’ uncle Charlie, who was tragically killed at the very end of the North Africa Campaign during the Second World War. He travelled further in his young life than he could ever have imagined, and this book, via his letters and diary, charts his progress from a small town near Manchester, to Durban, then on to Egypt. There his regiment took part in the battle of El-Alamein before chasing the German and Italian armies across nearly two thousand miles of unforgiving terrain. His letters home reflect the sacrifices both civilians and soldiers made as they worked for the war effort, before coming to an abrupt halt as Charlie paid the ultimate sacrifice, laying down his life for his country. Poignant yet informative, this book will appeal to those interested in family histories and more personal accounts of the Second World War.

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