Troubador Simply Bananas?

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789017229

Format: Paperback

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Simply Bananas?

A Little Book of EU Law


Ask people to name one piece of EU legislation and you’ll often get the answer “the ban on bendy bananas”. Simply Bananas? offers a refreshing antidote to the misinformation which is so readily available on EU laws. Most EU legislation is not widely publicised as originating from the EU when it is brought into UK law, particularly when the benefits of the law are immediate and obvious - perhaps because the UK government is happy to assume sole credit for such legislation. For example, it was not widely known that mobile roaming charges were stopped because of the EU - many people understood it to be the work of the UK government alone, or simply believed they had chosen a generous mobile phone provider. It is a similar story with the ban on charging customers for paying with a credit card.

Simply Bananas? covers 28 areas of EU law, with each section introducing a pain point and exploring how EU legislation has addressed or is working to address that problem. Details of relevant legislation are provided so that readers who wish to can look up the laws. Example of subjects covered include single use plastic bags, compensation for flight delays, and road safety. There is also a brief explanation of how EU laws are developed. The book is aimed at people from across the political spectrum, who may be interested in learning more about EU laws.

Simply Bananas? is well written, informative and to the point. It is an educational book that fills a gap in knowledge that a large part of the British public has. Many went to vote in June 2016 assuming that the EU was taking away from the UK's sovereignty to make legislation that is not very useful. Using a very easy to read writing style, this book demonstrates the exact opposite. Happy reading.

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