Troubador Seventy-Five Years of 'Being Prepared'

Released: 31/07/2013

ISBN: 9781783061471

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Seventy-Five Years of 'Being Prepared'

A History of Walesby Forest, Nottinghamshire 1938-2013


Walesby Forest is situated just north of Nottingham. Encompassing 250 acres of woodlands, the site sits on the ancient edge of the historic Sherwood Forest, with a river and a cave said to be the hiding place of Robin Hood. 

Feeling a strong sense of moral duty to capture some of Walesby Forest’s history, Andrew Luczko was keen to mark this historic landmark with something that would benefit the site both now and for future generations. He wrote Seventy-Five Years of ‘Being Prepared’: A History of Walesby Forest, Nottinghamshire 1938-2013 in an effort to record key events, decisions, changes and personalities that have moulded this beautiful, unspoiled piece of North Nottinghamshire over the last 75 years.

Luczko was captivated by Walesby Forest at the age of 10, when he visited the site for the first time, and he hopes that this book will go on to inspire many others who encounter the fantastic setting with its forest, meandering river and stunning lake. His book highlights the many challenges the area has faced over the years, including financial difficulties, WWII bombs, fires, flooding, closure due to the national Foot & Mouth epidemic and a Right to Roam challenge. Probaby the greatest surprise is an unexpected link to a potential source of Shakespeare’s work, in the form of Sir Francis Bacon.

The book is also an opportunity to share what has been achieved under the 75-year ownership of the forest by the City of Nottingham Scouts. It has been no easy task and continues to create problems and challenges that you might expect from a 250-acre facility with a wide choice of accommodation, buildings and activities.

Seventy-Five Years of ‘Being Prepared’ adopts a chronological order and gives an insight into the issues that have been faced since the site was sold as part of the sell-off by the Rufford Abbey Estate in 1938. It comes right up to date with the current projects of 2013 and hopes for the future. It makes a great read for any former visitor of the site, those interested in Robin Hood and local history and any skeptics of the origination of Shakespeare’s works.

The Retford Times, 22 August 2013

A good overall history of the site but I felt that some of the relevant detail was lacking. Wally Parkers tenure of the site was important but the development of the modern site started with the appointment of Graeme Houghton and this period I thought should have been given more coverage. Perhaps this may be detailed in further publications.

by Neil Matthews

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