Troubador Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784621704

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Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage

The Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement


The truth behind the amazing work of the women of the temperance movement. In a time when women had no vote, their temperance work made the voices of many heard and their actions count. Exploring a forgotten but vital element of women’s history, Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage demonstrates how closely the temperance campaign was linked to the fight for suffrage. Told through the true stories of real women, we see how they rose above their status as ‘the weaker sex’ to campaign for restrictions on the sale of alcohol, having recognised that many social problems were caused by excessive drinking – an issue still prevalent today. Some women were admirable but not likeable, while others were more radical and ahead of their time. Sex, slander and scandal all feature in their stories. This book leaves the reader to decide whether there are any lessons to be learned today from the work of these remarkable women and encourages us to remember their hard work and determination. Based on considerable research but written in an accessible way, Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage aims to celebrate the work of these extraordinary women and will appeal to those who enjoy social and women’s history. It is not aimed at totallers; readers can – and should – raise a toast to these extraordinary women.

To mark the release of the film Suffragette and the start of the academic year, the ebook of Scandal Salvation and Suffrage is now available at the special price of £1.49 from your usual ebook retailer.

It was a great pleasure recently to meet the past and present President of the World Woman's Christian Temperance Union, on their visit to England. I was able to show them Lady Henry Somerset's old home at Reigate Priory and the site where Duxhurst, her village for inebriate women, used to stand. Although I'm no teetotaller myself, it is good to know that worldwide associations such as this are still going over 130 years on.

I am delighted to have received the following endorsement from Anna Homer, the archivist at The White Ribbon Association:
Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage is an illuminating history and a good read – involving and informative! Highly recommended for anyone particularly interested in the history of the White Ribbon Association or history in general!

The new book was inspired by stories I unearthed whilst researching my first historical biography A Talent for Humanity - the Life and Work of Lady Henry Somerset. I have also written a book about Lady Henry's farm colony for inebriate women Duxhurst - Surrey's Lost Village which shows how easily our heritage can get forgotten.
I enjoy giving talks about the temperance movement and particularly the remarkable women featured in Scandal, Salvation & Suffrage
in Scandal Salvation and Suffrage

I am thrilled to be assisting with a programme being put together by BBC Radio Devon as part of the BBC Radio World war One At Home series. This will air sometime in the autumn and features the work of Dame Agnes Weston. It's great that she is getting some recognition at last

My article Taking the Pledge is in June's edition of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? magazine and highlights the women's role in the temperance movement

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Who Do You Think You Are?

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Ros Black

Having worked for many years providing housing and support to disadvantaged people, including those with alcohol problems, I know how challenging it can be. But there were many women in Victorian times who did similar work in much more difficult circumstances. They had no vote but they found their voice in campaigning for temperance. Their actions helped improve the lives of many.

My new book Scandal, Salvation & Suffrage tells the true stories of some amazing women - women who proved they had a real role to play in a male-dominated society. They overcame prejudice, scandals, slanders, even severe disability (in the case of Sarah Robinson), to help others.

When you read their stories, you too will ask, Why have they been forgotten? You don't have to be a teetotaller (I'm not)to appreciate their work.

Author Ros Black

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