Troubador Rhosyr

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016673

Format: Paperback

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Its History and Topography in the Age of the Welsh Princes


This book is about a medieval settlement that disappeared. Rhosyr existed many centuries before the foundation of Newborough in the south-eastern sector of Anglesey. It was a place of great importance, a royal township, hosting one of the major courts of the Welsh Princess of Gwynedd. Yet in little more than a century after Newborough was established, this settlement had decayed and vanished leaving no trace. 

The book is an attempt to uncover the location of this deserted medieval village. The author investigates how it developed and why it decayed and disappeared. In ground-breaking new research the author gradually reconstructs key elements of the landscape of medieval Rhosyr as it once existed under its Princes, mapping out its ancient land divisions, its settlement plan, its agricultural areas of demesnes and open fields, and its early roads. The book uncovers areas of early activity never highlighted before. At times the author is not afraid to challenge currently accepted views. 

The book brings fresh interpretations and new approaches to a topic that has puzzled and fascinated generations of historians, antiquarians and archaeologists. This research provides the most thorough and detailed analysis of Rhosyr and its lost settlement yet attempted.

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