Troubador Rabbit George and Me

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788032841

eISBN: 9781789010572

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Rabbit George and Me


Your ancestors come back to life when family history becomes a novel! Do you have mountains of genealogical information which, for all your time and energy, are little more than lists of names, dates and indecipherable family trees? Read Rabbit George and Me and find a blueprint of how to turn your history into an absorbing and compelling tale. A tale which will be sure to be read by present and future generations of your family. Your ancestry research will not have been in vain!

Opening in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire of the mid 1800’s, and deftly weaving through to the present day, the story of “Rabbit George’, his three wives and twelve children is guaranteed to be devoured by the Smith family’s descendants. But the general reader will find much that is of interest, whether it’s journeying to Utah to learn about distant Mormon relatives, or to the far flung places so many descendants have settled. Rabbit George and Me will take you on a trip through time, and around the world, and will deliver you back home eager to craft your own family’s tale. 

Bring your ancestors back to life! Read Rabbit George and Me and discover a new way to ensure your family history is not only passed down, but is enthusiastically embraced by the generations to follow.

I have been working on a family history for quite some time and I’m delighted to report that 'Rabbit George and Me' will be published soon!

'Rabbit George and Me' is based on the life of Mary Stennett (of Billinghay, Lincolnshire). Mary was the third wife of George Smith (of Greasbrough, Yorkshire), farmer, builder and father of twelve children. Mary was the mother of the last four children: Clement, Elizabeth (Schonhut), Florence (Holroyd) and Effie (Hague). These children—particularly Florence and Effie who were born when he was in his sixties—resulted in George Smith being known forevermore as “Rabbit George”!

Family lineage can be difficult to follow and I hope 'Rabbit George and Me' will serve as a guide, not only to the history of George Smith, Mary Stennett, their families and descendants, but also to those of George Smith and his second wife, Mary Crawshaw.

Additionally, I hope the book will be of interest to the numerous descendants of William and Elizabeth Smith (of Wentworth, Yorkshire), parents of “Rabbit George” and his siblings. Those descendants include our Mormon brethren in Utah: the line of Mary Smith Rossiter (George’s oldest sister) and her husband, William Rossiter.

I hope you will enjoy reading our family history as much as I enjoyed writing it! I learned a lot from family members and, crucially, was provided with a wealth of information by Robin Hartley. I thank Robin for continuing the ancestry work begun by his uncle, George Schonhut, and for ensuring that our Smith and Stennett ancestors will never be forgotten.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you!
Veronica Hague
[email protected]

I started reading this book & was amazed at how the past was mingled with the's a wonderful recap of family history.....

by gladys krasse

Veronica Hague

Veronica Hague is a fundraising, marketing and communications professional, specializing in raising private support for colleges and special-needs schools. Born and raised in Yorkshire, the author lived in London prior to moving to New York City. She has been a resident of New Jersey for over thirty five years.

Veronica Hague
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