Troubador Making Waves

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800462984

Format: Paperback

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Making Waves

Moray Firth Radio The Independent Years


The saga of how the north of Scotland secured its own commercial radio station at this time in history is unique. Radio station licences were strictly controlled by the Home Office and the standards for output were set deliberately high. Here we have a group of community activists who didn’t have experience or a penny to their name. They raised funds for photocopying their application by holding plant sales and in the process scared off the more serious local investors who didn’t think they’d pull it off. But they did. 

The rest of the book looks at what they did with it, the story told largely in anecdotes from those who were there. With a bunch of largely untested on-air talent, and relying on a great deal of volunteer labour, they ended up with some of the best listening figures in the country. It’s a remarkable tale backed up by dozens of photographs that will evoke the 80s and 90s. 

The book explains why truly local radio was so important to the communities of the north of Scotland at that time when the economy was fragile and unemployment savagely high in some places. Presenters share what it was like to become a household name and reminisce about the music and the lighter side of radio life and how it change the lives of so many. If you love radio this book is for you.

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Making Waves is the fascinating true story of a real David and Goliath-style tale in which the great British underdog triumphed against the odds. It’s also packed full of hilarious stories and comedic anecdotes. If you have fond memories of listening to local radio in your younger years then this book is a must!

by Louise Port

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