Troubador Making Shakespeare Relevant

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788038928

Format: Paperback

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Making Shakespeare Relevant

30 Lesson Plans for Teachers


The 30 lesson plans in Making Shakespeare Relevant provide a practical introduction for students to think about contemporary issues in parallel with the character's journey and development in Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Making Shakespeare relevant is designed to take worry out of Will - and make the themes and issues Shakespeare is exploring relevant to the student's own lives.

Each scheme of work in Making Shakespeare Relevant can stand alone and starts with an interactive story telling of one of the three plays (the three stories are included). Each subsequent lesson plan has a clearly stated objective followed by about 50-55 minutes worth of activities (to be honest, more than you need). And as each lesson plan is displayed on a separate page, it can be easily photocopied by the teacher.

After each lesson plan Brian has included notes which might be helpful in the delivery of the lesson. He has also provided a list of Power Points needed and finally, on a separate page, a Home Thinking/Home Work exercise which might be given out to the students by the teacher.

As a Headteacher, who observed Brian's work over three years wrote, 'Having witnessed Brian's lessons I can recommend the work as a novel approach for groups studying Shakespeare as part of a course in English Literature or for teaching Personal and Social Development. Either way, it will be hard for your students not to be infected with a deeper understanding and love of Shakespeare'

Brian has tried to make Making Shakespeare Relevant as user friendly as possible for you overworked teachers...hopefully he has succeeded.

'In a sense, Lighthill is doing Shakespeare the favour of taking him outside the formidable corral of literature and building links with life...Teachers looking for a lively way of engaging students in the text will find this book useful, practical and motivational...Lighthill's book has a justified place on the English Departments shelf: it provides a practical and thematic introduction to the plays and what they make us think about contemporary issues'. Peter Thomas, Principle AQA Examiner.

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Dr Brian Lighthill

Brian Lighthill worked as an Actor, TV and Radio, Drama Producer/Director for thirty-five years. In 1995, 96 and 98 Lighthill won a BAFTA, Prix Jeunesse International and was nominated for Sony Award. In 1999 Lighthill retired from the 'world of the media' and went to Warwick University - BA, MA, and a four year PhD research project followed into how to make Shakespeare studies relevant for young students. Lighthill is now teaching and lecturing to Primary and Secondary School children, in Art Galleries, with the Homeless, and to PGCE University students.

Brian Lighthill
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