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Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621513

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Java Essay

The History and Culture of a Southern Country


Java Essay: The history and culture of a southern country encompasses many different aspects of the history of Java, Indonesia, offering a unique insight into the Asian country and exploring how its history has impacted on its culture. Author Masatoshi Iguchi explores a panoply of historical events, ranging from the deportation of Japanese Christians in the early 17th century to Batavia – the Indonesian capital now commonly known as Jakarta – to the history of the kingdoms that built Borobudur and Prambanan. The study of stone inscriptions from ancient and medieval times, as well as a number of old records and documents of both domestic and foreign origins, are intertwined with the author’s own insight and thought on the facts and events of Indonesia. Masatoshi’s personal experiences of visiting the indigenous people of Indonesia highlights the interesting nature of a country not yet fully understood. Within the book is an abundance of photographs and drawings, intended to provide readers with visual aids that further their insight into this country’s history and culture. Written in an accessible style, with reference to external sources, Java Essay is a history book that will appeal to readers with an interest in the history and culture of Indonesia. It will prove a fascinating read for academics, as well as travellers and visitors to Indonesia alike.

Errata (as of 31/10/2016)
Author: Masatoshi Iguchi
Title: Java Essay - The Hisstory and Culture of a Southern Country (Hard Cover)
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd., Leicester, UK
Date: 15 January 2015
Format: Royal, 342 pages
ISBN-10: 178462151X; ISBN-13: 978-1784621513

Chapter Page Line or locatiom Error Correction
Introduction 15 Last line Bharataputra Balaputradewa
“ 23 Table, Year 648 Kaling Keling
“ 24 Table, Year 850 Bharataputra Balaputradewa
“ 24 Table, Year 898 Kayuwangi Watukara
“ 28 Table, Year 1922 Gyuana Dutch Guiana

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Very informative, and entertaining too, February 8, 2015
Doetze Sikkema

This review is from: Java Essay: The History and Culture of a Southern Country (Kindle Edition)
This is a deeply researched book, but written in a highly accessible style. The reading is assisted in no small way by a good Index so you needn't have the names (unfamiliar sounding to a Westerner) at immediate recall going forward in the book. The quite dramatic history of the various kingdoms in Java is treated from about AD 100 but the Dutch (and English!) periods of more recent times furnish much to savour as well. It is a book that can fill many hours for those interested in the history and the rich culture of Java. Nice illustrations.

by Doetze Sikkema

As posted on Amazon website:
I have to declare an interest since I have received a review copy of this volume. Nevertheless I find it a particularly exciting volume since it serves to place the history and development of Java in both its historical and geographical context.
The author, a distinguished Japanese scientist, now retired, spent some years in Java, initially as part of his original career, but subsequently his awareness of the culture and ethnography of the island became a major concern in its own right. The original volume was published in the Japanese language a few years ago; subsequently this translation into English has apparently been extended and more fully illustrated.
The quality of production is exemplary and, in my view, the book would appeal to a wide variety of readers. These would seem to include those with a purely academic interest in the development of Java, and Indonesia, as well as travellers and those with a wider awareness of Asian peoples and their cultures. Overall I am very happy to recommend it.

by Arthur David

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