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Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016291

Format: Paperback

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Insight into Piece


Crafted entirely by the author (not a ghost writer), Insight into Piece by Kevin Raftery is an interesting, original and sharp-witted collection of articles, with a few unusual short stories thrown in for good measure. Comprising a variety of styles and genres encompassing local, national and international themes, the pieces appeal to all age groups and range from the factual, the psychological, the political, the insightful, the social and the critical. 

Written over a seven-year period (2011-2018) barring one or two exceptions, Kevin expertly focuses the critical spotlight on the institutions that govern us, simultaneously recording important socio-historical facts of the time, sometimes controversially. All the events catalogued proffer an entertaining twist to reading proceedings. This includes the fascinating fly on wall Inside O’Connor series which documents real life in rehab for those predisposed to addiction problems.

Covering topics including human nature, disability, travel, addiction and mental health, Insight into Piece contains over 140 articles each written in Kevin’s ‘unheard’ but distinct narrative voice.


Some of those on social media believe I have misspelt 'Piece' in my book title and the title should read 'Insight into Peace'. Some of these users are pointing out this 'anomaly' in a boorish and insulting way, believing they are being very astute by doing so (yes, its not easy being an author).

Insight is an awareness of what lies behind the mask and a piece is an article. I have therefore put that awareness into articles: Hence, Insight into Piece.

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A delightful book, particularly suited to someone like me who does not often have the opportunity to read for lengthy periods of time. The writers wit and wisdom shine through in this well written collection of articles that are as eclectic as they are entertaining.

by Maryanne B

I work in a well-known supermarket and the Insight into Piece article ‘Bargain Bucket’ is bang on. I see what Mr Raftery describes regularly. His book depicts real life.

by Craig N

This book stands tall above like competition and it’s clear the author writes for ordinary folk. Although the text encompasses multiple subject matter, it does on occasion cover my favourite pastime (lower league football) and highlights not just the Big Six, but the politics surrounding the smaller clubs.

by M Turner

“It’s that Keveen Rakkety from Trafalgar Street, he’s notheen but trouble,” Elsie chuntered to Flossie, an old lady sat next to her on the bus. “Oooooh,” replied Flossie.

Loving it!

by Sean R

I live in social housing and can confirm that everything Mr Raftery details in his book regarding housing conditions is accurate. We need more writers like this, who will stand up for those without a voice. There is an appetite for Insight into Piece because everybody has had enough. My only criticism of the book is that Mr Raftery does not delve deeper. Perhaps he will expand a little more in his sequel.

by Audrey M

I had no preconceived notion of what to expect from Mr Raftery’s book and came to it with an open mind. I found that his incisive approach and eye for the important detail quickly drew me into topics of debate which I previously hadn’t realised were of any interest to me. The structure, diverse content and ease with which one can ‘dip in’ to Mr Raftery’s writing are real strengths of his book.

by Dave R

An excellent book brutally honest .Short chapters, a thorough insight on the corruption going on in mainstream U.K.Witty, cultural and on point.

by Patrick Raftery

Kevin Raftery

Kevin Raftery is not only a writer but a Toy Developer and has created a board game called World Dominance (New World Order). Kevin had an ordinary class upbringing and has managed to achieve an MA in Media Futures, a BA in European Culture/Media Studies and is currently undertaking a BA in Screen Writing. Kevin has also run for council a couple of times and managed to 'ruffle quite a few lofty feathers' by challenging the systems that govern us; sincerely believing that there is a better way. Most importantly, Kevin has that rare gift of insight which enables him to not only see right through the institutional facades which govern us, but also allows him to understand how the majority think, which in turn allows him to offer alternative and original takes on the social and psychological of which we all experience in everyday life.

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