Troubador I’ll Take That One

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016550

eISBN: 9781838598662

Format: Paperback/eBook

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I’ll Take That One


An autobiography that takes an in depth look at how evacuees were treated in WW2. 
Shows the chaos of the evacuee system at the start of the war. 
A story which vividly explores the loneliness and fear of being an evacuee.

The Second World War was a global cataclysm that resulted in the death of more than 60 million people. In 1940 at the onset of this grim period in history, a young boy begins his own journey; one that irrevocably changes the course of his life. In this poignant memoir, the author shares a rare glimpse into what it was like growing up and living during this era. 
The memoir begins, at the outbreak of the Second World War, with the Author and his brother, along with hundreds of other children, being evacuated to the coast. His story progresses through a series of events that change his life dramatically as a young boy. This is a real life account of fates that become inextricably entwined amidst the clamour of wartime and the transformational odyssey of a young boy growing up during a volatile period. 

Harrowing and inspirational, I’ll Take That One is a profound read that seamlessly merges history with personal experience and brings down the phenomenon of war into a real and humanized level. The story potently captures the Second World War zeitgeist while actively demonstrating the unwavering essence of the human spirit.

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