Troubador Hoax!

Released: 03/09/2009

ISBN: 9781848761650

Format: Paperback

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The Domesday Hide


This book exposes the biggest hoax in English history, maybe in historiography, one on which significant parts of 20th century knowledge have been built. First of all it demonstrates that anyone can do what the leading authorities on Domesday Book deem impossible, simply by replacing their indemonstrable hypothesis with one that is arithmetically demonstrable.

If you bought an Allecto Domesday you need this book. It then goes beyond, it explores what this discovery means to our ‘state of knowledge’, what we think we know. It is the first history book to ever reconstruct such ancient landscapes and also human thought patterns of 1,000 years ago and it suggests why historians and academics have been happy to promote such deceptions for the last 100 years. If you want some sort of answer to our present economic and ecological mess, this is it.

It is also a detective story involving deduction and determination with thirty years (and more) of suppression. Hoax! opens the door onto lost worlds, a travel book into the last frontier (which is not ‘space’ but ‘time’), into landscapes and societies as yet unseen by travellers.

The book looks at sustainability and ‘permacultures’. It demonstrates that there actually was a very large population in the England of 1086, also the inception of a surveillance culture detecting the frauds of the wealthy. If you want to know more, read it. If you don’t want to believe what it says, then disprove the arithmetic (if you can) for unlike other histories arithmetic validates the proposals made.

The Journal of Medieval Archaeology, November 2010

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Arthur  Wright

After 30 years in provincial museums and 10 with an outreach service I have had experience of agricultural, maritime, military and social history, crafts, conservation, archaeology, exhibitions and living history. It was in the 1970's that I came under the spell of Domesday Book to discover (like many others) that the 'experts' know virtually nothing about it, so I set out to solve the riddle. It has always been my belief that 'nothing which happened in the past is dead to the man who would know how the present came to be what it is'. The solution turned out to be unequivocal, not a matter of scholastic opinion but one of arithmetic, since when the

'experts' have done their best to silence me.

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