Troubador History of Russia and Eastern Europe

Released: 28/01/2019

eISBN: 9781789019100

Format: eBook

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History of Russia and Eastern Europe

A Concise Outline


Jack J. Kanski brings us a concise, illustrated book covering the history of Russia and Eastern Europe, presenting the histories of ten countries. The book begins with the history of Russia from the ancient Kievan State to the present Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin.

Also described are nine East European Countries, with the exception of Poland, which Kanski has explored in a previous book, History of Poland. In order to make the reading matter user-friendly important historical personalities and events have been lavishly illustrated.

Using a didactic, bullet-point format and accompanied by many colour illustrations, including paintings and maps, Kanski’s A Concise Outline series enables readers to quickly and easily absorb key information about some of the world’s most famous historical individuals and events. The books are not designed for historians, but rather will appeal to the general reader searching for concise and informative history books.

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