Troubador Governance and the Importance of Education

Released: 29/10/2015

eISBN: 9781785894886

Format: eBook

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Governance and the Importance of Education

Stable for the Wrong Reasons


Most literature on young democracies revolves around their currently fragile nature and on moving them into stability currently enjoyed by modern democracy. Little concern is paid to the state of young democracies beyond that. Most notably, the literature does not consider how young democracies could use their current structure and circumstances to implement policies that would circumvent a lot of the problems that currently plague developed countries. Very rarely does the literature consider how countries can achieve this without falling into similar pitfalls currently plaguing these countries. As such, the book considers what actions currently developing democracies can make to avoid these shortcomings. There are numerous issues at hand: the economic and systematic failures; the inability to act upon them and the atmosphere that eventually comes to surround governance. Once these issues arise in a state, they become institutionalised and appear to be difficult to overturn, with any solution to the issue being protracted and wearisome. As such young states such as Azerbaijan, should act as soon as possible to prevent these issues from arising in the first place. I will advocate for this to occur through education; specifically through civil education, which I consider to be the perfect long term solution to the abovementioned issues.

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