Troubador 'Fools or Charlatans'

Released: 28/05/2014

eISBN: 9781783066483

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'Fools or Charlatans'

The Reading of Domesday Book


‘Fools or Charlatans’ The Reading of Domesday Book is a statistical analysis of Domesday Book and an exposure of a hoax that appears to have poisoned higher education for over a century. 

If it was a novel then you wouldn’t believe it was possible, laughable yet tragic, here is the proof – England’s unique national treasure, Domesday Book, cannot be read. A 900 year old statistical archive which modern scholars cannot put into modern terms, therefore they claim that it never made sense. If so, why was it ever compiled? Arthur Wright delves into the present state of knowledge before asking why relevant, original passages in Domesday Book, and those in coetaneous archives which provide the necessary information, have been hidden from historians and other researchers by Domesday scholars?  

In a final attempt to understand why such indefensible decisions have been made, Arthur Wright analyses every unit and whole landscapes in order to prove that the whole book can be read like any modern document. Long ago, he maintains, a toxic asset and Trojan was allowed to corrupt higher education and he exposes it and also the lies, denials and cyber attacks made by ‘experts’ who wished to silence him.  

This informative read will interest readers of history, politics, economics and methodology. “I have been impressed by Henry Loyn, Oliver Rackham and Mark Overton, but most of all by F. W. Maitland”, says Arthur Wright. This is a convincing and compelling argument which also reveals some of the shameful cover-ups in our society’s history. What does Domesday Book really say about Saxon England and its landscapes, inhabitants, economies and politics? Readers will be shocked and surprised by this detailed historical account and they will certainly discover it was not an acultural “Dark Age” of ignorance and poverty.

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Arthur  Wright

After 30 years in provincial museums and 10 with an outreach service I have had experience of agricultural, maritime, military and social history, crafts, conservation, archaeology, exhibitions and living history. It was in the 1970's that I came under the spell of Domesday Book to discover (like many others) that the 'experts' know virtually nothing about it, so I set out to solve the riddle. It has always been my belief that 'nothing which happened in the past is dead to the man who would know how the present came to be what it is'. The solution turned out to be unequivocal, not a matter of scholastic opinion but one of arithmetic, since when the

'experts' have done their best to silence me.

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