Troubador Emotions of a Book

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899652

eISBN: 9781785897382

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Emotions of a Book

Dialogue between a Blank Book and a Potential Author


The main purpose of Emotions of a Book is to analyse the relationship between the author, depicted as an artist, and a book presented as a living being gifted with its own personality. This axiom can be extended to any other category of artist: musician, painter, sculptor and so on, in their interaction with their respective working tools or objects. Guido asks if a book, a musical instrument, a paint brush has its own soul, sensitivity, the power to influence, to shape another’s will, to make its own decisions? Is it possible that these ‘things’, these apparently inert objects, can be supplied with an energy to give them their own life? Indeed, it is not only an artist who, when face to face with his working tool, engages in long dialogues with it as if it were a living thing. This happens to anyone used to seeing or dealing with the same things every day: a writing desk, a hammer, a spade or even a computer. Is, then, the process of creativity conditioned by this interaction? Each of us can give his own interpretation and answer. Guido has tried to monitor step by step the inner drama of an author, aware of his talent, but incapable of expressing it for various reasons. A few of these reasons are personal, such as precarious health, a lack of will and motivation, and another is the fact that the invisible life-blood of a blank book appears with an autonomous life. It expresses its world and its long history with the same human feelings as any person but it also possesses a power which it uses to influence talented authors. This book will appeal to those who enjoy reading about literature, history and culture.

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It was a really nice and great book to read, entertaining, very fun and imaginative. I recommend this book left and right.

by Claudio

While conversing with a blank book, an author unravels the plots of three stories, which are very cleverly written with wonderful descriptions, dynamic dialogues and impressive narratives.
This is a gripping book that takes the reader to Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, and Poland as well as through different periods of history through the three stories within a story, which deal with themes such as good and evil, the paranormal, destiny, death and love.
The way the author intertwines all three plots and the main characters is clever and surprising.
This, the latest book by established author Guido Parisi, will have you laughing, crying, falling in love with the characters, despising others, sitting on the edge of your seat, marvelling at the descriptions and will plunge you into many different worlds and times.
This book certainly has the "wow" factor on many levels.
A must-read!

by Sophia Samuels

The author is visibly talented and experienced. I particularly enjoyed Lana 's tale, which is written in a different style and lexicon from the rest of a book. The plot, although tragic, is enveloped in a magical and intriguing atmosphere that can be easily capture and engage the attention of older kids. I would like to see the author write more books aimed at children and/or young adults.

by Niko

Being a writer myself, I believe that each blank page of a book that has not been written does have a soul that is screaming to be created. The emotions and balance the author shows in his book is one that I hope any creative person can relate too. I too, struggle with a disability and the downfalls of not staying motivated. Kudos to Guido and please continue to write.

by Jennifer Bowers

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