Troubador Cyarist Relativity

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838591892

Format: Paperback

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Cyarist Relativity

A New Form of Government


This is a proposal for a new form of government. Termed ‘Cyarist Relativity’, it represents a new political system. Currently this is a highly topical subject. Many people are in despair at the apparent ineptitude of our politicians and those who have influence over our lives. The Cyarist System is a potential answer to this lack of trust.

In the Cyarist future there will be no politicians, no political parties, no houses of Parliament, no adversarial time wasting. This is a totally new form of Government a true, and real democracy. Cyarist Relativity is based on governance by 240 Individuals, initially randomly selected. They are tasked to uphold the 30 Precepts and establish six Foundation Councils all will be the base for a new contented nation.

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