Troubador Critical Survey of Philosophy

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785891878

Format: Paperback

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Critical Survey of Philosophy


Stanley Frederick Sharp’s Critical Survey of Philosophy is an exploration of western philosophy. Stanley critiques the views of over fifty philosophers, from Thales to Wittgenstein, and tries to find solutions to various flaws that surface through their ideas. In particular, Stanley explores whether the ideas from philosophers can still be relevant in today’s society. He comments that whilst there are many books on philosophy today that accurately portray the views of key philosophers, they fail to critique them and explore how their ideas are wrongly flawed. For Stanley, unless a critical examination is made, the views of ancient philosophers are often presented as knowledge and fact rather than speculation. Their ideas should be debated. Students of philosophy will find this book useful as Stanley encourages readers to apply their own critical judgment to the ideas that philosophers have raised. In addition, those who enjoy philosophical debate will also find the book of interest.

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