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Released: 03/01/2012

ISBN: 9781780880013

Format: Paperback

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Crime Pays

Reflections from the Front Line of Criminal Justice


Crime Pays are the reflections of a Justice of the Peace who, having spent 16 years on the front line of criminal justice, is not slow in courting controversy. Mike Welham’s views are critical and damning of government failures. As a magistrate he believes that the Human Rights Act, a necessary law drawn up to deal with abuses by despot dictators, has been highjacked to become a criminals’ charter. The outcome is that crime has evolved to an extent that there is virtually no compassion or support for victims.

Crime Pays provides a flavour, sometimes humorous, other times frustrating, of cases which Mike has sat on and demonstrates the impact that crime has on us all. He shows how the welfare state has failed and produced a broken society and he argues, with examples, that broken homes, unemployment, political correctness and uncontrolled mass immigration have all contributed to the increase in crime. Mike looks at serious crimes and devotes a section of Crime Pays to the failure of punishment and rehabilitation and a focus on what he terms, ‘Mrs. Windsor’s Hotels’, the prisons and the convicts who appear to run them, while also looking at the emotive and controversial issue of the repeated calls for the reintroduction of capital and corporal punishments.

There are few books that openly challenge the criminal justice system from an insider’s perspective. Crime Pays is therefore a unique insight into a Justice of the Peace’s view on the real impact crime is having on society.

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Mike Welham's book is a wake-up call for those responsible for the criminal justice system, as well as those of us who are victims of crime. I approached this book sceptically, coming from a liberal background, but finished it convinced that there is a serious problem that needs addressing. It is a readable book, with amusing and illustrative anecdotes. I recommend it.


I found it most interesting to read the observations of a man who has very definitely been in the thick of the justice system. As far as I am aware, no-one before has drawn together so many examples of what is wrong both with the system and with the society which it supposedly serves. Some may see it as a bit of a rant (nothing wrong with a good rant!) whilst others may seek to dismiss it as too right wing. However, the vast majority of law-abiding citizens will find this book serves to confirm that the decay and breakdown of society that we fear is happening and the justice system and those who operate in it are virtually powerless to do anything about it, hamstrung as they are by badly drafted legislation and those who exploit it to trample on the rights of victims and make paramount the so called rights of those committing crimes. There are of course, no real solutions until society as a whole realises where it is headed and does something to halt the headlong gallop to the abyss. The trouble is, as this book so graphically illustrates, there does not appear to be the will on the part of those who can do something about it, to do anything about it. Well worth a read.

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Having read this very interesting book about crime in the UK it makes one realise the sorry state of the UK and probably the rest of the world in general.

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Mike believes that this is just the beginning of a time when angry and violent people with a total disregard for community and morality will roam the streets. 'Crime Pays' is his story leading to these events.' I think it's a great to tie in the August Riots as symptomatic and the end result of our abysmal 'system'... and we're going to see a lot more of it as Peak Oil kicks in, sending food prices sky-rocketing. When that happens, it won't be just a bunch of moronic chavs lusting after a pair of daft-looking trainers, it will be all of us trying to feed ourselves. My own suspicion is that the legal system is stacked towards the thugs so that ordinary citizens live in a state of fear, thus are less likely to make demands on our parastitic 'leaders'.

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