Troubador Broken Lives

Released: 28/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788030502

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Broken Lives


There is a loud knock at the door. The Germans have arrived to take this Jewish family away. It is 1939 in Poland. The Huberman family were partly prepared and the three children escape through a secret passage. The two older children, 13 and 10 leave the baby at the Abbey and plan to go to family in Lodz, 20 kilometres away. The children are separated and start to make their own way. Can the Parents survive in a work camp? Will the children make it alone to Lodz? Who can they trust?

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Malcolm’s new chapter is heart-wrenching.

Malcolm McGowan has published his novel, Broken Lives.

(s) Laura Longworth Email Published: 12:02 Friday 15 September 2017.

Hate is poison - that’s the message of a former Ribble Valley man’s heart-wrenching novel inspired by his own family troubles. And for Malcolm McGowan (Cowen), formerly of Waddington and Brockhall Village, hate has never devastated the world quite as powerfully as during the Holocaust. And so the 69 year-old is revealing the atrocities of the genocide in his novel, Broken Lives, to teach children about the terrible impact of prejudice. “It’s a way to tell them we shouldn’t turn on other people because they are different,” he said. For, as he added: “We all bleed. And we all hurt. “But during the Holocaust, the church and the world looked on and nothing was done about it. “The same issues are happening today. You see it on TV - religious groups are being targeted. I’d like to go into schools and use the story to talk about it.” While the tale follows a family’s attempt to escape persecution, it’s just as much about the power of love.

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