Troubador British Canada at 150 years: 1867-2017

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785893070

Format: Paperback

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British Canada at 150 years: 1867-2017

Significant Frontier Era Stories, Photographs and Heritage Places


British Canada at 150 Years: 1867-2017 explores the formation of Canada and its British Heritage. It includes over 25 Frontier Era black and white photographs and lists places in Canada that would appeal to readers who are interested in its heritage.After Mike lived in the Prairie Provinces where he collected photographs from the archives of Indian, Inuit and the early pioneers’ ways of life, he wanted to explore the strong British connection to the heritage of Canada. The book explains that there are 6 key stages of commitment and enterprise that have been noted throughout the Frontier Era, which resulted in the making of Canada into a nation. These include visionaries, investors, frontiersmen and women, First Nations guides, pioneers and business innovators.While the focus is on significant and interesting stories about Canada, there is also a strong recognition in most of the chapters of the role that people born in Britain had in the growth of the second largest country in the world, which was accomplished in cold and harsh frontier conditions which are not experienced by many other places.

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