Troubador Brexit - The Benefit of Hindsight

Released: 28/10/2019

ISBN: 9781838590710

eISBN: 9781838596705

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Brexit - The Benefit of Hindsight

King vs Rich Trade-off


Three years after the UK’s momentous EU referendum vote, multiple Brexit Secretaries and three rejected deals, the question remains: what exactly does the UK want?

The UK’s financial services sector is deemed to be one of the most vulnerable to the impact of Brexit, and the consequential effect on the rest of the UK economy could be devastating. Despite benefitting from access to the Single Market, a significant proportion of the financial services industry voted ‘leave’. But rather than being driven by anti-immigration or xenophobic sentiments, research indicates it was based on a rational assessment of the cost and benefit of the EU membership, influenced by the post-crisis regulatory reform. The industry is disproportionally impacted by Brexit due to the divergence of business models within the industry, based on the relative reliance on domestic, international or European trade.

Brexit – The Benefit of Hindsight analyses a number of economic indicators to answer the unanswerable question: what does the UK want? Will the UK economy suffer in the uncertainty surrounding our future or will we emerge stronger?

“This short and useful book about the potential impacts of Brexit focuses on the possible effects upon financial services. It succinctly brings together evidence from a  wide range of sources”

David Miles, CBE, Professor of Financial Economics and former member of the Monetary Policy Committee

“Overall, a fascinating read - the Founder’s Dilemma, in my opinion, added some extremely effective and fascinating psychological depth”.  

Paul Roberts, Business consultant and author of The Economist Guide to Project Management.

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