Troubador Book 4

Released: 19/09/2018

eISBN: 9781789012613

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Book 4


BCE (BC) and CE (AD), which nomenclature the Western World uses today to date everything, contains an assumption about the year of the birth of a person.

The timeline for this is examined and recast by accepting the written evidence mainly about the alteration and breakup of individual States.

Such breakup will alter a State’s boundaries although not necessarily its name. Rulers in one state cannot carry out executive actions in another, if they do that is war. These boundary alterations at this date are generally but not wholly through the mechanism of inheritance.

Carrying out this investigation together with information from other ancient records allows a deduction to be made that at least three processes have been at work: -

One is that the original recorders wished to disguise both the exact time frame and also certain other matters.

Another is that all subsequent translators and commentators have failed to recognise this and in doing so have shaded their translations/comments resulting in incorrect detail and skewed history.

The next is that the original recorders to achieve their desire to pass the information down the centuries needed support at a very high-level to achieve their objectives.

The latter part of Book 4 identifies the very high social status of one Roman Citizen. This is through the actions of other senior Romans he interacts with. This deduction of identity is mainly demonstrated both through the activities of Army protocols and also the operation of the Roman legal system. The Roman legal system of which they were very proud had like any modern legal system to conform both to the rules of Legal Precedent and Legal Prejudice.

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