Troubador Arundel at War 1642-1644

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781789010152

Format: Paperback

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Arundel at War 1642-1644


The first in-depth look at the Arundel Campaign, one of the forgotten episodes of the English Civil War


1642. War between King Charles 1 and parliament had become inevitable. Throughout 1642 and 1643, the king and parliament contended for ground in the West and South of England, and many towns in strategic locations were subjected to full-scale battle and siege. Arundel was one of these.


Between Autumn 1642 and January 1644, Arundel Castle changed hands four times. The book takes the reader back to that age, summarising the causes of the Civil War, looking at past and present Arundel and introducing the main characters of the Arundel Campaign - among them two former friends and now opposing Generals: Sir Ralph Hopton, ardent royalist, and Sir William Waller, the committed parliamentarian. The most gripping part of the story is the final contest for possession of the castle and its subsequent defeat which has had considerable consequences, both locally and nationally.


Arundel at War is a lively piece of historical detective work which takes the reader into the heart of the action, presenting an enthralling story of combat, courage and endurance. Thanks to the many visual aids provided such as colour photographs and early engravings, the reader is able to better visualise the action. This is a fresh, well-researched account of an episode that is typically dismissed in a few paragraphs but which deserves better recognition.

The Crawley and Horley Observer

The Chichester Observer

The Worthing Herald

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