Troubador An Overview of History

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789017823

Format: Paperback

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An Overview of History

A Concise Outline


In his final book, Jack J. Kanski summarises the important events and personalities in world history. The book is designed as a guide to revision or a stepping stone from which a reader can acquire more comprehensive knowledge of a particular subject. 

An Overview of History contains a wide range of information covering dynasties, empires and conflicts on a global scale. Kanski also covers religion and dominant personalities in this new enlightening title.

As with the other books in the A Concise Outline series, the text is presented in a didactic bullet-point format. The book is copiously illustrated with images in full colour so as to enable the reader to absorb the subject matter more easily. An Overview of History also contains a useful glossary highlighting and defining terms with which readers may be unfamiliar.

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