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Troubador An Ancient World in Chaos

Released: 15/02/2008

ISBN: 9781906510008

Format: Paperback

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An Ancient World in Chaos


The catastrophism theories in Immanuel Velikovsky's 1950s book World in Collision have been vigorously rejected or ignored by the academic community. Yet setting aside the finer details of what happened and when, is it possible that Velikovsky was correct in his basic premise of recent upheaval in the solar system? Is it feasible that Mars and Venus came close to the Earth only a few thousand years ago, causing global disturbances?

Gary Gilligan thinks so, and in furthering Velikovsky's work he presents a fascinating model whereby Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon played havoc with Earth for an incredible 3000 years. In this fascinating book, he discusses how these bodies moved back and forth to Earth numerous times and came so close as to loom larger than the Sun.

Incredible claims, but under no illusion, this is not just another "wacky" theory in support of planetary chaos, for unlike Velikovsky Gilligan steers clear of the surreal stuff of mythology, the means which most catastrophists use to promote their ideas. He uses ancient history to prove his thesis.

Delving into the most fascinating civilisations of ancient times, the Ancient Egyptians, this book presents the the most outrageous and incredible proposal that the Egyptian God Kings, the Pharaohs, were first and foremost names given to Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon as they moved back and forth to Earth in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. They were in the second instance represented here on Earth via human 'doubles' - human pharaohs who were believed to be 'at one' with celestial God King planets.

If correct, this book has the potential to change the course of history.

Nexus Magazine which has over a million subscribers worldwide have informed me that my latest book "Extraterrestrial Sands" is being reviewed in their Oct-Nov 2016 issue.

For all those building sand castles on the beach at the moment - you are in fact using tiny fragments of rock from Mars!

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Gary Gilligan

Gary Gilligan was born in 1957 in Birmingham, UK. With an interest in music, Gary spent the first part of his working life as a professional drummer. This was a colourful occupation where he gained valuable life experience. He travelled the four corners of the globe, working on a variety of cruise ships and experiencing many cultures. Eventually he settled down and set up his own flooring contractor business in London which he still runs successfully after 20 years. He also resides in London with his family and spends his spare time researching and writing.

Throughout his life, Gary has studied Egyptology, Astronomy and Geology with an almost obsessive passion. When he first came across the theory of catastrophism, he was intrigued by the possibility that the Solar System had undergone recent upheavals due to cosmic chaos. This led to years of dedicated research. Taking Immanuel Velikovsky's bestseller 'Worlds in Collision' as a starting point, and in light of recent corroboratory discoveries in science and ancient history, Gary is more confident than ever that the time is right to present catatrophism as a credible theory to the general public.

As he so often reiterates: "Its about time people were made aware of the fact that Mars and Venus came very close to Earth only a few thousand years ago causing many global catastrophes."

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