Troubador Amidst Cheers, They Marched to War

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014594

Format: Paperback

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Amidst Cheers, They Marched to War

Four Warwickshire Villages. One Century of Conflict


Warfare has redefined our world over the past century. Even the smallest communities have cheered their men as they marched away, and laid wreaths for those who didn’t return.

The villages which formed the Alscot Estate in Warwickshire are no different. Their men lie in graves in France, India, Iraq, Burma, South Africa and many other places besides. Some are remembered in perpetuity. Others are not.

None of those touched by war returned home the same. Physically and emotionally, their lives were changed forever, for better or for worse. The cost to them, their families and their communities was great. The Second World War in particular redefined life for those on the home front.

As conflict brings out the worst in people, it also brings out the best. This book tells stories of incredible feats of bravery. Humour amidst intolerable hardships. Dedication, sacrifice, camaraderie lasting decades. Men, women and children striving to do their best for their country. People simply getting on with things, because they had to be done.

This is their tribute.

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Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer has been writing visionary, historical and paranormal fiction and non-fiction for several years in between working on a dairy sheep farm where hours in the milking parlour offer much scope for thinking up story ideas. She is the author of several novels and short stories as well as two local history books.

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