Troubador Achievement: The Righting of a Great Wrong, 1914 to 1918

Released: 01/11/2013

eISBN: 9781783068630

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Achievement: The Righting of a Great Wrong, 1914 to 1918

A commentary in too many words


Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great European War in 1914, Achievement is a guide to the war on which the future of Europe turned. Ian Hall’s fascinating book examines the social, political and military circumstances of the previous 200 years, it considers the conditions that allowed one nation, Germany, to justify a war in continental Europe on a scale never before possible, sending more than eighty army divisions to invade its neighbours in what can be described as the first industrial war. Achievement also examines why Britain, at that time one of the world’s greatest industrial and Imperial powers, could send only six divisions to join the party and wonders at the accomplishment of expanding such a force to more than fifty divisions just four years later. The book’s journey includes visiting the history of the nations of Britain and continental Europe, encouraging us to wonder at the empty splendour of European monarchies, allowing us to explore the foothills of the Industrial Revolution. It also makes one or two diversions into the by ways of history to remind us of events that have shaped Britain and its place in the world. The British army, from its most senior commanders down, make appearances throughout. The decisions to be faced and examples of the courage of the fighting men and the casualties that resulted are all considered in this encompassing commentary on the Great War.

1. Well written, balanced, hard to put down. (S.F. Dorset)
2. A lovely book, enjoyable dissertation style, build up to events of 1914 sound and very clever. (R.O. Dorset)
3. Well researched, entertaining and informative. (R.H. Besano, Italy)
4. Educational and enjoyable, fresh perspective and plain language make it easy to read and understand. A good book for the war historian and an excellent book for the interested, non historian Blog comment.
5.Enjoyable, bit like a thriller, had to get back to it to see what happens next. M.P. Dorset.
6.An alternative perspective of the Great War, fascinating reading, interesting and informative, examines all aspects of the implication of events as war approached in 1914, then how it had to be fought.
If this book had been available during the years of my teaching career I am confident my colleagues would have used it as a valued text for studies of the period and a significant starting point for student reading.
D.L. previously Head of School of Business studies, Bournemouth College/University.

Goodreads, 27 March

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Ian Hall

An author profile as encouragement to read this book is assured of being of only limited appeal. A novice writer (vintage 1935) without academic education or pedigree as a writer is short on the basics of a good promotional theme; better by far to profile the book.

Written in a lively plain language style, using topic based chapters the text deal with the social, industrial, political, and military history of the nations who went to war in 1914; then deals with the personalities and events that defined the progress of the war without concentrating on the details of specific battles.

The reader is asked at various key points in the text to consider the alternatives. An analysis is provided for comparison of casualty statistics and inevitably attention is drawn to some of the warnings that the Great War was only act I of the great European tragedy of the twentieth century. tragedy are highlighted.

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