Troubador Above Us, The Stars

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595555

eISBN: 9781800467514

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Above Us, The Stars

10 Squadron Bomber Command – The Wireless Operator’s Story


“A tremendous read, interweaving military, social and family history…beautifully written and unbearably moving.”

Over 55,000 young Bomber Command airmen made the ultimate sacrifice; thousands more of their comrades survived one of the bloodiest and most controversial campaigns of the Second World War, but never spoke about their experiences after the end of hostilities. 

Above Us The Stars tells the story of one of those men, 20-year-old wireless operator Jack Clyde. Through contemporary documents, Jack’s own notes, Squadron records, family testimony, interviews with Bomber Command veterans and German civilians, the author pieces together not only the story of Jack and his 10 Squadron Halifax crew, but also that of the family he left behind in the Durham mining town of Seaham Harbour. 

Why did so many men like Jack remain silent? Why were they unwilling or unable to tell their stories? How did the families of the “Bomber Boys” cope? How did these young men deal with the death and destruction they wrought upon German civilians, and the loss of so many of their comrades? 

The author explores the answers to these questions and more, and casts a new perspective on the RAF bombing campaign, in this vivid account of wartime in North East England, and of the experiences of the “Silent Heroes” of Bomber Command.  

Following a very successful book launch at the Dun Cow in Seaton Village, County Durham (one of the locations in the book), the first print run sold out in only 3 weeks. A second print run is promising to be equally as successful, and an e-book was released on 2nd February 2018.
You can listen to me talking about the book, and hear the first chapter here :
I'll be giving a talk about the social history behind the book at The People's Bookshop, Saddler's Yard, Durham on Saturday April 14th at 3pm. All welcome.

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Jane Gulliford Lowes

JANE GULLIFORD LOWES grew up in Seaham, County Durham and has a passion for the people, places and history of North East

England. A lawyer and a makeup artist by profession, she is the author of a popular history and travel blog The Horsekeeper’s Daughter is her debut book.

Jane Gulliford Lowes
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