Troubador A Rural Revolution

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625207

Format: Paperback

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A Rural Revolution

The History of a Staffordshire Family and Their Village


A Rural Revolution traces one family's journey from the county of Cheshire and charts their new life in a Staffordshire village. The move is short in distance but long in duration, spanning several generations. Along the way, readers encounter a nasty road traffic accident, a family of seventeen children, a notorious canal murder, a prevailing aristocratic connection, a riot of cross-dressing men, a narcoleptic delivery driver and a cycling regiment sent to the most dangerous place on earth. From itinerant boatpeople to respected locals, the family is transformed by the world's first industrial revolution and its aftermath. The author shows it wasn't only the people trapped in Britain's dark mills and smoky towns who faced the upheavals and challenges of the times. The physical and social contours of the family's adoptive village, and of the entire nation, were redrawn by the booms in road and canal construction and the coming of the railways. A Rural Revolution is a work of narrative non-fiction that provides a new way of examining history. It will appeal to fans of local and family history as well as to those interested in the social history of the period.

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All life – and death – is here in this colourful family exploration of how the shifting rural landscape affected our ancestors as much as the industrialisation of the nation’s towns and cities. (Family Tree magazine)

Your book is a real delight. The fact that you trace the family fortunes in the context of the evolution in society as a whole is utterly fascinating… Thank you for such a well-written and well-researched book. (Reader’s letter)

This highly readable book investigates the lives of one rural family to illustrate the radical impact of the industrial revolution on local communities… (Landworker magazine)

Enjoyable, informative and provocative... (British Association for Local History))

I enjoyed reading this interesting book… (Reader’s post)

Really enjoyed this book – a fascinating piece of social history. (Reader’s post)

…well written (Towpath Talk)

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David R Roberts

David R Roberts worked for many years as a college lecturer and is the author of a number of best-selling textbooks. Currently editing his father's war-time diaries and letters, his interests lie in exploring the links between local/family and national/global histories. David lives near Norwich but returns to his native Staffordshire whenever he gets the chance.

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