Troubador A New Vision

Released: 28/06/2015

eISBN: 9781784628604

Format: eBook

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A New Vision


Focusing on the condition, contribution and plight of the black population, A New Vision aims to shed light on the journey taken by those forcibly removed from their homes in Africa. As well as documenting their struggle with the slave trade, this book explores various topics relating to the black community, including how they are represented, defined and perceived by society. This book also asks important unanswered questions such as: Why is there an over-representation of young black men who are failing in school, committing ‘black on black’ violence and struggling to maintain long-term relationships? In a world driven by determination to succeed, author Bola Ogunkoya addresses why rappers, footballers and athletes seem to be the only role models available to young black men in a world where many other public figures can be embraced and admired. Concentrating on both the UK and the US, A New Vision raises questions about why the US – a country concerned with the brutal legacy of slavery – has produced a black president, a black attorney general and four star black generals, while the UK, a less segregated country, has not. Stressing the need for greater attention to be given to encouraging the black community to excel within the field of education, A New Vision will appeal to those interested in social and cultural heritage, and particularly to those with a strong interest in black history.

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