Troubador Within Our Gates

Released: 28/02/2016

eISBN: 9781785894282

Format: eBook

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Within Our Gates


The story is indebted to Jane Austen’s Persuasion and explores love and loss in a small black community in Brooklyn, New York during the 1900s. At age nineteen, Augusta Mae Johnson fell deeply in love with a handsome young jazz pianist Paul Wentworth. However, the Southern gentleman had neither fortune nor connections to recommend him, and Augusta was persuaded to break off their engagement by her aunt. What happens when they meet again eight years later when Mr Wentworth returns from Paris, a rich and celebrated musician? Set in the 1900s in the closed world of the black bourgeoisie in Brooklyn, New York, Within Our Gates tells the love story of two people set apart by class and money. A study of the lives and loves of three sisters, Within Our Gates is a satire of vanity, pretension and colour prejudice, revealing the clash between the generations as love in the community is hidden, lost, misunderstood, revealed and rekindled in the face of overwhelming odds and adversity.

A simple, useful guide. J an a writer and have more than the basic level of understanding but this book still had helpful and insightful tips that I have picked up and used. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an entry level text on the subject.

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