Troubador Viking Voices

Released: 28/09/2014

eISBN: 9781783065790

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Viking Voices

The Sword of Amleth


It is the 10th century. Amleth is a warrior serving the Hiberno-Norse king Ragnald. He and his clever wife Aud are violently thrown out of Dublin, along with the rest of their group, when the Irish tribes they are enslaving revolt against them. The king and his men swear to return and regain their city, after wandering the Irish Sea and encountering enemies in Anglesey, the Isle of Man and Scotland. Amidst their adventures they fight battles and gather treasures, forming alliances and even making friends along the way. Amleth becomes indispensible to the increasingly aggressive and brutal Ragnald, his cunning and his blacksmith skills enabling him to produce his own glittering and beautiful sword. Eventually they all get rich and live happily ever after, except for those that die… Viking Voices is a historic novel that explains how the Cuerdale Hoard, the largest treasure ever found in Western Europe, came to be buried in the bank of the Ribble and why it was left there to be found centuries later. Vincent Atherton also looks at the relationship between a warrior and his wife against the turbulent background of friction between England and Ireland in the 10th century. With fictional characters who experience true historical events, this is an insightful and enjoyable read for any fans of historical fiction, particularly the Viking era.

Viking Voices is not another blood and guts saga.

It is set in the 10th century and is faithful to the main events recorded from that period. There really was a King Ragnald who came from Dublin and became King of both Dublin and York.

History books do not record everything though and so Amleth and Aud are fictional characters who tell us of how it might have felt to be caught up in this complex and dangerous world. They experience life as though it is their real world rather than a historic record.

So they have family issues to resolve with all of the pleasure and pain that goes with it. They experience the feelings of lust, greed and personal ambition, as well as the sensation of fear and despair. They know achievement and they know failure and heart break.

This is 10th century Ireland and Britain, a lawless and threatening place. Amleth and Aud begin their married life as refugees and face a world of ethnic and religious conflict. Perhaps like modern day Iraq or Afghanistan.

They tell us more of how it might have been to be alive then than any history book would dare to!

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Vincent Atherton

I have a fascination with history, especially that of Northern England. I live close to the site on the River Ribble where the Cuerdale Hoard was found which inspired me to research the Vikings in England and to write Viking Voices.

I was a Training Manager with a large UK supermarket group, and subsequently a Human Resources Director pursuing a career in international steel trading. This gave me the opportunity to travel in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and North America, and I love to travel. Working in a commercial environment tested strengthened my relationship building and international involvement developed cultural awareness and appreciation of other languages and cultures.

I am an enthusiastic sailor and have visited many of the areas of the Irish Sea described in the book, always arriving under sail in a small boat, mostly in bad weather and admire the skills and the physical endurance of the Vikings.

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