Troubador Two Trees

Released: 01/05/2013

eISBN: 9781780885803

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Two Trees


John Brownleader, a Black Country soldier, is injured outside Arras in 1918 and rescued by a German. Following capture, John finishes the war in a Berlin prisoner of war camp. He realises that the enemy has saved his life, even though he is in an appalling physical and psychological condition. On his return home, his family is forced to re-assess their own interpretations of the enemy and the traumatic impact of war. In poor health, John asks his girlfriend Ada to marry him and enlists her help to write secret letters to his German rescuer. The consequences of their actions are explored in the closing stages of the novel when John’s divided family is obliged to meet the ‘enemy’.This is a story about a small group of characters of different ages set against the very difficult circumstances and actual events of 1918 and 1919. The two youngest members of the Brownleader family, Hannah and George, see the unfolding situations in a very different way to their parents, elder siblings and the other adults. Hannah is a pivotal character and her greatest wish is for someone to read her a story from her favourite Wonder Tales. Two Trees contains elements of affection, laughter, courage, antagonism and personal challenge as well as an examination of individual motivation, empathy and family rivalry. It is a story about the human spirit and how a bond between two ‘enemy’ soldiers is created amongst the carnage and mayhem of the Western Front which nobody at home can really understand. The book will appeal to fans of hisorical and war fiction.

I will be giving a presentation on Two Trees to the Black Country Society at The Black Country Museum in Dudley in February 2015

Some recent comments about Two Trees as it reaches a wider audience:

I have read your book and found it very engrossing and a very interesting reflection of relationships at the time. Well done. G.B.

Engrossing: It is a book that draws you into its clutches and makes you reflect on what causes mistrust between individuals of different nationalities and races in a period of time that instant communication was not present. 4* Karen G (Amazon)

Just a note to say I read Two Trees and enjoyed it tremendously. S.B.

Thank you for sending me the news of your book. I was given it by one of my daughters as a birthday present, and have just finished reading it, and enjoyed it so much. F.B.

I enjoyed reading your book so much. It is an eye-opening book with very convincing real-life characters. It is so well written. Our time needs more books like yours. M.S.

I hope that you will autograph my copy of your very excellent book Two Trees. Unusually for me ...I read it in a week as I found it a difficult book to put down! The book really conveyed to me the thoughts, fears, emotions and prejudices that were prevalent among the generation in those far off WW1 days. A.A.

I am so glad I have read Two Trees as I found the story so sensitively written showing an incredible insight into the whole situation, both before, during and after the First World War. A very heartening story of love, friendship, comradeship and humanity at such an extremely challenging time, showing a very sympathetic portrayal of all the characters involved. J B

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Geoff Greenhough

Geoffrey Greenhough was brought up in the Black Country and studied at Birmingham,Cambridge and London Universities. After a short spell in commercial banking, he taught History in Nottingham and London schools for twenty five years. He retired to Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire to undertake voluntary work and to write the novel Two Trees.

Geoffrey Greenhough
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