Troubador Trebizond

Released: 01/09/2013

ISBN: 9781783060092

eISBN: 9781783069736

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Byzantines are a forgotten people. They called themselves Romans. In reality they were Greeks who saw themselves as the heirs of the Roman Caesars. When the Dark Ages enveloped Europe, they were the sole lantern bearers from a distant and glorious past. Their disciplined and iron-clad armies, a legacy of the Roman Legions, ensured their survival. By the eleventh century, they were still the greatest power in Europe. Their Empire extended from Syria to the Danube. It was in these years that a new enemy appeared from the Asian steppes.
The course of history was about to be changed, not just for Byzantium but for the whole of Europe...

Trebizond is set in the eleventh century, when Turkish hordes from Asia are storming into the Byzantine empire, slaughtering the imperial armies. Only one man can defeat them: a nobleman and true historical figure called Theodore Gabras. Only he can save the city of Trebizond and make it into the last bastion of Byzantine power in the East.

The story is seen through eyes of three main protagonists: Gabras himself, his wife, Eirene, who is cruelly betrayed and captured by the Turks and makes her own perilous escape to re-join her husband, and the greatest of the Turkish warlords, Afsin, renowned for his brutality, who is entranced by Eirene. He vows to take Trebizond and kill Gabras...

Trebizond is a gripping work of historical adventure fiction which has been inspired by other historical novelists, including Robert Graves, Alfred Duggan and Rosemary Sutcliff. Author N J Holmes is most comparable to modern novelists like Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Harry Sidebottom.

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Having lived in Turkey for some time, I take great interest in the history of this wonderful country, and this tumultuous era is of particular note. It's a fairly epic tale ranging over the whole country, and over a fairly long period, as the Romans attempt to stop the hordes of invaders. The characters are mostly based on real historical figures, the battle scenes are vivid and exciting, and overall it was an excellent account of the decline of the Byzantine people.

by Elizabeth Grieve

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