Troubador Timeslip

Released: 01/11/2013

eISBN: 9781783068876

Format: eBook

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When two history students, Jude and Susanna, inadvertently slip back in time to nineteenth-century London, they are presented with people and places that they had only ever read about. They know it makes sense to try and get home, but they become drawn into a place where the highs of the colourful nightlife coincide with the lows of destitution. Mesmerised by the sights and sounds in the streets, they soon get into the spirit of Victorian life and try to blend in by living amongst the citizens. In order to survive, they must pawn Susanna’s charms from her bracelet which, unbeknown to them, cause great interest due to their originality, leading to an investigation by the police. Unaware of this, they are invited to a dinner attended by distinguished guests, including artist John Everett Millais, but out of their depth with the conversation and etiquette, it becomes obvious that they are imposters. Intrigued by London’s ever-changing architecture, the pair continues on, visiting places such as The Great Exhibition and meeting French chef Alexis Soyer. However, now they are seen as fraudsters, the public and police close in, making them determined to find their way home. A tale of loyalty and friendship that stands the test of time, in any era, Timeslip is a factual but light-hearted novel set in London in the 1850s. It opens up a new perspective for the reader, exploring the lesser-documented festive streets and allowing them to experience it for themselves. The author was inspired by authors such as Joseph Conrad, T. S. Eliot and William Boyd. Timeslip makes an informative and exciting read for anyone with an interest in historical fiction or the history of their surroundings.

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Nina Kirby

Nina lives in Essex with her husband and they have two sons. She has a BA in History and English and her career has been varied, but it is her fascination with unusual aspects of social history that drives her to write fiction based on historical fact.

Her first novel, Timeslip, is a light-hearted historical fiction with a difference. The two main protagonists travel back from present day to 1851 and through their eyes readers are taken around the streets of London that were literally throbbing with life and where, for many, every day had a sense of occasion. Nina also felt compelled to write about Alexis Soyer, the Victorian French chef who achieved so much in his short lifetime and yet is now almost forgotten.

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