Troubador Time for a Change

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013832

Format: Paperback

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Time for a Change

Teresa’s story - Nursing in Northern Ireland through the conflict years


The book’s protagonist, Teresa, is seventeen when the story, set in Belfast and Derry during a period of civil unrest ( between 1969 & 1979) , begins. She is alone when her family emigrate to Australia, leaving her in the care of her aunt. Teresa, choosing a career in nursing, comes face to face with situations of social and physical extremes which are relentlessly challenging and unusually difficult, at times more reminiscent of nursing in the first world war than Britain in the ‘swinging sixties’. Whilst the story involves friends, fun and romance, there are also darker moments and reading this book offers a unique insight into the lives of ordinary people living as normal a life as they can manage, at that time. Through that perspective, Teresa and her friends share their opinions with the reader - from the need for extreme vigilance when dating soldiers to the difficulties, almost impossibility, of obtaining contraception, alongside the acceptance and recognition that Sunday is a day when complete sobriety is expected, at least in public. But this is a story of growth and resolution. It traces the heroine from a young woman, lonely and trying too hard to please, to a capable and mature adult, who not only resolves her own insecurities but proves to be a valuable support to others. The book is peppered with an essence of pop and country and western music, and the dress and styles of the sixties and seventies will transport anyone to that period. This is a book of fiction, not a historical document, but national incidents are portrayed as accurately as possible.

Another great book launch, attended by 60 people. Books selling well, e-book now also available.
Also invited onto Q&A panel at Sidmouth Literary Festival with Jeremy Thompson, MD of Matator. Northern Ireland Book Launch to be held in Waterstones, Belfast on 27th September
5 star reviews on Amazon yet again, thankyou readers!
Interviewed by a reporter for the Western Morning News last week gave rise to a really super article and it's just recently been confirmed that I will give the opening presentation at a conference in Queens University, Belfast in December.

Western Morning News

As a child of the fifties sixties I went to school on the Creggan Estate, and later was briefly on the streets of Belfast in the military. The novel resonated me well, such as servicing the Creggan for baby care, & the reaction of the "boys", when bravadoism wasn't held in check. She manages to create a strong relational experience between the nursing colleagues and her protector her Aunt, together with the search for boy-friends. This showed me another side of Ulster & didn't know. The 'troubles' are referred to in part as something to be acknowledged (who couldn't), and something to be avoided at all costs.

by Ron Wheeler

Mary  McClarey

The author wrote 'Long Road Many Turnings' drawing on both anecdote and more factual data contained within her family folklore. She has now written a second novel' Time for a Change', which uses her experience as a Northern Ireland nurse who lived and worked in Belfast and in Derry during 'The Troubles', but, like the first novel, her experience forms the backdrop, aspiring for authenticity, rather than the main focus of the book. There is a third novel in the pipeline which will complete the trilogy, more information coming soon!


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