Troubador Through Martha's Eyes

Released: 28/03/2017

ISBN: 9781788036283

Format: Paperback

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Through Martha's Eyes

One woman witnesses the greatest event in history


Judea. The early decades of the first century AD. As the power of the Roman Empire stretches across vast swathes of the known world, a young Jewish girl grows up within a devout family, learning her nation's customs and faith. But her seemingly ordinary story will soon intersect with the events that will change history forever. As Martha's world is rocked by circumstances that leave her questioning the God in whom her forefathers put their trust, she slowly learns to wait and to watch for the One whose coming has been foretold by the prophets—the Messiah, who will right all wrongs and establish God's kingdom. But when Martha and her siblings begin to encounter a radical new preacher from the north, their long-cherished dreams are first challenged—and then shattered. Can this extraordinary man – Jesus – really be the Messiah? Using an imagined back-story for one of the characters recorded in the gospels, "Through Martha's Eyes" provides the reader with the cultural and historical background to understand more fully the story at the heart of human history. Its descriptions of places, people and customs in the pages of the New Testament seek to enrich and enlighten both those who are new to the Bible and those for whom it is an already-cherished treasure.

All profits to go to Bible Society.

Corinne Brixton's first book, "Through Martha's Eyes", was published in March 2017.

Here is what some have already said about the book:

"This book is a bit like an enjoyable film which vividly retells the story of Jesus. It brings together biblical texts, lots of historical and social background, and plenty of intelligent imagination filling out the story. Jesus was a real person living in a real historical world among real people, and this book helps bring his story alive for us by suggesting how Martha might have experienced it. I am glad to commend it warmly."
Revd. Dr. David Wenham, MA, PhD, Tutor in New Testament, Trinity College Bristol;
author of 'The Parables of Jesus', and 'Paul and Jesus: The True Story'.

"Corinne Brixton is a wise and experienced guide to the Christian life. This is a book which I hope will introduce many to the riches of the Bible, and help them to understand it better."
Rt. Revd. Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington and President of St Mellitus College;
author of 'The Seven Deadly Sins and How to Overcome Them', and 'Looking Through The Cross'.

"This book achieves its goal of providing a readily accessible background to the gospels for newer Christians. In reality, its appeal is much broader. It is an easy read which will bring the gospel stories into a fresh focus."
Christine Fry, Member of Church of England General Synod.

"Corinne Brixton has brought the people and events of Jesus' ministry to life in this vivid story, told through the eyes of his friend Martha and her family. Readers will be drawn into the pacey narrative, and learn much about the meaning of Jesus along the way."
Prof. Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire;
author of 'Exploring the Old Testament' and 'Deuteronomy' (Apollos Old Testament Commentary).

"A brilliant portrayal of the monumental events surrounding the life of Christ. I both laughed and cried. Through Martha's Eyes will be valued by those who have known the story since childhood, and those who come to it for the first time."
Revd. Clive Gardner, Team Vicar of St Mark's, Wimbledon.

"A fascinating glimpse of family life in the time of Jesus and extremely well researched."
Rt. Revd. John Ellison, Retired Bishop of Paraguay, and Honorary Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Winchester, and Judie Ellison.

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Evangelicals Now

Very uplifting; fresh detail and always keeping to gospel truth. Lovely depiction of the people of Bethany, through the eyes of Martha, an excellent cook. I have already sent a copy to a cousin for her and her teenage daughters to enjoy.

by Naomi

An excellent read!
Amazing insight into the way in which people lived, clearly the author has completed much research, to ensure accuracy.
I would give this book 5 stars for historical fact and 5+ stars for pure enjoyment.
I will be recommending this book to my friends/family and also to my youth group.

by Angie Blanche

I found this a great read. It painted clear pictures in my mind and brought the whole situation to life in a new way. There was obviously a lot of research that went into the book and I found it thought provoking and inspiring. I love Martha even more now than I did before!

by Ali

A number of gospel passages are imaginatively woven together and vividly brought to life, both "Through Martha's Eyes" and through her voice as the main speaker. Her relationship with her father is particularly touching and dovetails with Christ's teaching about God as His Father. The famous passage where Martha asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her is skillfully handled and the building frustration is palpable, as Martha sets out to create a delicious spread to honour her special Guest.
Five stars - a great read and a long overdue insight into how the women in the gospels might have seen Jesus.

by Sarah Alton

I had always had a query in my mind about Martha, why she had to play second fiddle to her sister. But now I've read this book I at last understand! Although the basis for making Martha a much older sister, and Lazarus a teenager, is purely imagination, it is credible and convincing - more so than any other explanation I've seen. In fact, the whole portrayal of Martha as the busy housewife and head of the family, from page 1 onwards, is brilliant. Strongly recommended to the most mature Christian, but also very readable by a beginner.

by Dick Field

Really enjoyable and thought provoking. The imaginative back story woven with historic detail and biblical truths is both captivating and informative. It brings new life to familiar readings and I would recommend it to new Christians and those further along their journey.

by Lucy

I just loved the portrayal of Martha and all the family and even though you feel you know the Gospel narrative and how Martha fits in, I still found myself not wanting the sad things to happen.... However what an amazing read that depicts the greatest story ever and bringing it to life in such a clever way!Have now passed the book on to daughter 2 who will pass to daughter 1! Can't wait for Corinne's next book

by Liz Perry

A thoroughly well researched and absorbing book. Accessible and enjoyable to read, as well as highly informative. Gives a really helpful understanding to the history, culture and context of the Gospel events. You finish it much better informed, uplifted and challenged too.

by Tim

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and felt that I was actually there with Martha. The descriptions of Martha's cooking, you can almost smell the food - wonderful. Corrine makes everything come alive and what an insight into the lives of Martha and her family. I want to know what happens to Martha. Next book ... ?

by Tricia

The attention to detail and the highly imaginative descriptions of happiness, grief, anxiety and not to mention cooking, made me as a reader feel as though I was living the experiences with Martha and family.

A thoroughly good read. Feeling withdrawn I have now finished.

Cannot wait for your next book.

Thank You

by Melanie Grant

I was given this book, and read it avidly. The story unfolded gently to give the 'flavour' of everyday life in Bethany/Jerusalem, and the characters were so credible, offering the imagination a possible view into how life worked, and how precious Jesus became to many who met Him,and learnt to understand who He really was...the Messiah.
Really beautifully written, with a story line that mirrors the Bible's melody, and I recommend it as a fine read. I have bought more copies to give to friends, and have lent my copy out already.

by Liz

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and felt transformed into the life and context of the family in the setting. The thorough research and understanding of the Biblical facts and context were beautifully interwoven within the story, which brought these well known Biblical characters to life. I could almost smell the perfumes being created in the shop, and the wonderful aroma of spices and herbs that filled the home as meals were prepared, and bread was baked.
I purchased extra copies that I gave to my adult children and will give my final extra copy to mission partners in Malawi, to spread this lovely book to a further continent. Looking forward to your next book Corinne. 5 stars for your first book.

by Pauline

Corinne Brixton

After studying for a degree in Physics, Corinne worked for several years as a government scientist, before being ordained in the Church of England. Twenty years of church ministry in two different parishes around north-east London followed. After a period of being a full-time carer, Corinne is now working in a church in North London and writing in her spare time. Although she has tried her hand at various different types of writing, including poetry, her main focus is historical fiction, set in Biblical times. She has published one book set in the first century A.D., and is currently working on the third installment of a trilogy that gives an overview of the Old Testament through the eyes of ten 'bit-part' players.

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