Troubador Thresher

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785899423

Format: Paperback

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Winter Grip


In this thrilling second volume of the Thresher trilogy, it is the winter of 1815 and deadly conflicts tighten their grip on the West Dorset community. Two farmworkers, searching for stolen sheep, discover the Reverend William Lessop-Dene’s body in Wychcombe Farm’s swamp. This triggers a riot against the Gomer Family, suspected to have a hand in his death… At Home Farm, the relationship between Hugo Jones and his wife, Katherine, deteriorates following a drunken assault he makes on her. She has no choice but to isolate herself from him in order to protect herself – and the child she is carrying. Hugo launches a murderous hunt for four Irishmen who have stolen a fortune from him – a fortune he sees as rightfully his, but in fact is one he stole from the Gomers. Tragedy strikes Wychcombe as a smallpox epidemic claims the lives of many villagers, including that of the Honourable Susannah Gomer, but her son’s visit to a Dorset dairy farmer prevents the scourge from spreading to other potential victims on Wychcombe Farm. Wychcombe’s misfortune is far from over, however, as the workhouse is burned down – but this is a blessing in disguise for farm labourer Joshua Wicks, on the run for poaching and now an accessory to murder, when he is briefly reunited with his wife and children as a result. Gripping and poignant, Thresher: Winter Grip will appeal to previous fans of Thresher: Autumn Fall, as well as those with an interest in the not-so-peaceful lives of Victorian country-dwellers.

Reviews of both The Tump and Thresher-Autumn Fall can be found on my website , Book signing of The Tump has been held at Waterstones, Worcester and of Thresher-Autumn Fall at Food for All and the Worcester Literary Festival.

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Noel Allsup

Noel, born and raised in Lancashire, England, studied (and enjoyed athletics, cross country running and football)then graduated in veterinary science at Edinburgh University, worked initially in a mixed agricultural practice in Herefordshire, then for Government Departments in the UK, Brazil and India, specialising in the diagnosis,prevention and treatment of diseases of farm animals;

His motivation to write led to a degree in Creative Writing at Birmingham University, then, assisted by daughter Caroline, a Graphics Designer, self-published The Tump, a children`s storybook then Thresher-Autumn Fall the first historical novel of The Thresher Trilogy, to be followed by Thresher-Winter Grip,

due to be published later this year.

Noel is married to Olive, a wool sculptress; they live in Worcestershire and have four daughters. Noel`s interests include serious country walking, classical music, history and, of course, reading and writing.

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