Troubador The Whisperer of Auschwitz

Released: 11/04/2022

eISBN: 9781803139487

Format: eBook

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The Whisperer of Auschwitz


To save a single life, is to save the world entire, and all it took was a whisper.

Michael is a righteous man with more than a past. He is the someone and no one that you pass by without notice, hidden in plain sight.

A man from Hebrew legend, a tzadikim, and one of only thirty six in each generation who saves mankind, one virtuous act at a time.

Living through the Warsaw ghetto, cattle wagons of Auschwitz and the coal fields of Britain's greatest industrial dispute - the miners strike. He has been waiting for Jud and dreaming of his lost love Zofia.

Jud, the youth from humble beginnings who will stop the hell trains from his nightmares, the one whose arrival the lord Almighty awaits with baited breath.

He has the potential to be the last Tzadikim, the Messiah, the one who will usher in a golden age for all mankind.

Michael has a decision to make as the shadows of a war torn Warsaw catches up with him. Can he find a way to be with his lost love Zofia, and still prepare the way for the last Tzadikim?

From the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto to the violence of the miners strike picket lines, the men in black uniform once more assume control.

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Jeremiah Crumb

Jeremiah Crumb is an ex-miner and retired police employee from South Yorkshire. Raised working class, he enjoys stories of northern grit and little known legends.

When not writing he can be found in his shed making musical instruments or out in the fields with his metal detector and dog.

If you wish to contact me please email on :

[email protected]

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