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Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789014136

eISBN: 9781789011357

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The Violin


You know, to me, a violin and a person are alike. We keep inside the reverberations of the most important people who touch us. And the music we make lives after us.”

Imagine you are holding a violin made in 1750. Not a prestigious Amati or Stradivarius but a special one-off commission by a workaday luthier called John Johnson in his small workshop in Cheapside, London. You think about its history of more than a quarter of a millennium.

Who made it and why? Who has owned it? Played it? What celebrated characters might have heard it? How was it passed down, hand to hand, and how did its owners’ lives interlink? Holding it you might even muse on the transience of life against the durability of the instrument and the music it has played.

This is the story of that violin. It is taken on an incredible journey through history and is passed to a variety of characters including a Georgian libertine, a young French female virtuoso, a philanthropic collector, an illiterate labourer, a heroic WW1 flyer and a young German girl who survives the Holocaust. After a series of coincidences the story of the violin comes full circle in a touching and unexpected denouement.

The Violin is the perfect read for fans of historical fiction, or music lovers. It will transport you through time, pull on your heart strings and leave you spellbound.

This is a story about a violin that goes from one owner to the next. It tells us about each of the owners and we learn their stories. I had a little trouble getting into this book at first, but I'm glad I stayed with it. I found a book that was hard to put down, and kept me wanting to read more.

by Rose Frum

Great read. Hard to get into but then could not put it down.

by Helen

Readers of historical fiction will love this book which follows a violin from its making in the 1700's until the present. Lots of history and great characters. Keeps you reading.

by Lou Davis

This novel follows a string of owners of a particular violin, made in 1750. It documents their fortunes and misfortunes and manages to paint a vivid picture of the times they lived in.

After a few chapters I felt really engaged and wanted to keep reading. I enjoyed the writing style and the story that was being told. Unfortunately, I did feel my interest wane a bit in the last third/quarter of the book. Especially the last chapters on Harriet did not feel as vibrant as previous subjects.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Violin. It was well written and plotted out. I loved how the various characters flowed into each other. The ending was good, but I just wish it had been a little stronger.

If you like historical novels and brief glimpses into different eras I am sure you will enjoy this book.

by Lola James

I was drawn to this book by the cover initially. I thought it was beautiful. The premise of the story had me intrigued. and I knew it was a book I wanted to read. I am so glad I did.

I thought the storyline was beautifully written with engaging characters. I was spellbound from the start. I will be ordering the printed edition, I loved it that much.

Definitely well worth a read.

by Sue Blanchard

Lindsay Pritchard

Brought up in care in Staffordshire Lindsay nevertheless succeeded in negotiating high school and,later,King`s College London where he graduated in Law.Bored by the prospect of a legal career he sidestepped respectable life for several years working as a gravedigger,crane-driver,meat porter and labourer whilst playing premier level rugby union at weekends.Marriage,mortgage and three children demanded a more regular lifestyle and income so he forged a career in industry becoming a director of a major international billion pound engineering company.Always considering himself a "writer in a suit,temporarily derailed by circumstances", work,children and another degree--a first in Psychology--kept him from writing.Eventually a downshift afforded the opportunity to write.Lindsay published a book of short stories "Harlequinade" in 2013."The Violin " is his first novel.

Lindsay currently lives in Chester.

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