Troubador The Tent of Fine Linen

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594558

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The Tent of Fine Linen

Book Two of The Line of Shem trilogy


Ithamar knows only the harsh life of a slave, imposed upon him by his Egyptian overlords. Everything changes, however, when the uncle he has never met—Moses—returns to Egypt. The question of whether Yahweh has heard their cries for help is about to be answered, as a proud young pharaoh dares to defy the God of Israel—and Ithamar unexpectedly finds himself at the heart of both a new nation and the purposes of a powerful God.

Again and again, Yahweh’s plans weave together the lives of the unlikely: not only a slave and the uncle raised as an Egyptian prince, but also a destitute Israelite widow and a young Moabitess, an overlooked shepherd boy and a woman with intelligence, beauty—and a fool for a husband. And at the centre of their national life is a tent like no other, where the God who speaks and acts dwells among them…

Using Old Testament stories and imagined scenes, The Tent of Fine Linen follows the people of Israel from the Exodus through to the reign of King David, through the eyes of lesser Biblical characters. This is the second instalment of The Line of Shem trilogy, which aims to build up an overview of the main characters and themes of the Old Testament, and enrich both new and established readers of the Bible.

‘In The Tent of Fine Linen, Corinne Brixton has once again capitalised impressively on the biblical stories’ powerful appeal. Using the ingenious narrative device of re-telling the biblical story from Moses to David through the eyes of ‘minor’ characters (Ithamar, Naomi and Abigail), she has combined careful research with literary imagination and verve. I was struck by her ability to “join the dots” of the biblical narrative intelligently, and I enjoyed her characterisation, and her use of conversation and point of view, to bring events to life. There is real insight in her understanding of how Israel nurtured its memory of its origins and identity through families. The style is nicely tinged with a certain biblical “otherness”. Above all, this is an invitation into a closer engagement with Scripture. There is much to enjoy and learn from here!’
Prof. Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire; author of “Exploring the Old Testament” and “Deuteronomy” (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)

Corinne Brixton's first book, "Through Martha's Eyes", was published in March 2017.

Here is what some have already said about the book:

"This book is a bit like an enjoyable film which vividly retells the story of Jesus. It brings together biblical texts, lots of historical and social background, and plenty of intelligent imagination filling out the story. Jesus was a real person living in a real historical world among real people, and this book helps bring his story alive for us by suggesting how Martha might have experienced it. I am glad to commend it warmly."
Revd. Dr. David Wenham, MA, PhD, Tutor in New Testament, Trinity College Bristol;
author of 'The Parables of Jesus', and 'Paul and Jesus: The True Story'.

"Corinne Brixton is a wise and experienced guide to the Christian life. This is a book which I hope will introduce many to the riches of the Bible, and help them to understand it better."
Rt. Revd. Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington and President of St Mellitus College;
author of 'The Seven Deadly Sins and How to Overcome Them', and 'Looking Through The Cross'.

"This book achieves its goal of providing a readily accessible background to the gospels for newer Christians. In reality, its appeal is much broader. It is an easy read which will bring the gospel stories into a fresh focus."
Christine Fry, Member of Church of England General Synod.

"Corinne Brixton has brought the people and events of Jesus' ministry to life in this vivid story, told through the eyes of his friend Martha and her family. Readers will be drawn into the pacey narrative, and learn much about the meaning of Jesus along the way."
Prof. Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire;
author of 'Exploring the Old Testament' and 'Deuteronomy' (Apollos Old Testament Commentary).

"A brilliant portrayal of the monumental events surrounding the life of Christ. I both laughed and cried. Through Martha's Eyes will be valued by those who have known the story since childhood, and those who come to it for the first time."
Revd. Clive Gardner, Team Vicar of St Mark's, Wimbledon.

"A fascinating glimpse of family life in the time of Jesus and extremely well researched."
Rt. Revd. John Ellison, Retired Bishop of Paraguay, and Honorary Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Winchester, and Judie Ellison.

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I have had the privilege to read this book, as it progressed. It has been such an amazing experience to part of this process. I looked forward to receiving each chapter as it was written. The Tent of Fine Linen is the second book of the trilogy. The trilogy is based within the Old Testament and not only provides a great read but also provides a sound overview of the teachings of the stories within this part of the bible. I learnt so much by reading it. I found myself "googling" things that I had not even considered when I have read the word of God - practical things like, how do you spin wool, what was the temperate of the environment like? I actually felt like I was "in" the story. This is an amazing book for those that want to learn more about how the characters may have felt at the time, to gain an understanding of how they actually lived. Corinne has taken much time to research everything, so that we can understand and actually imagine what it would have been like to live during biblical times. This book is blessing to those, who like me, sometimes struggle to understand the Old Testament and make it relevant for how we live our lives today.

by Angie Blanche

Corinne Brixton

After studying for a degree in Physics, Corinne worked for several years as a government scientist, before being ordained in the Church of England. Twenty years of church ministry in two different parishes around north-east London followed. After a period of being a full-time carer, Corinne is now working in a church in North London and writing in her spare time. Although she has tried her hand at various different types of writing, including poetry, her main focus is historical fiction, set in Biblical times. She has published one book set in the first century A.D., and is currently working on the third installment of a trilogy that gives an overview of the Old Testament through the eyes of ten 'bit-part' players.

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