Troubador The Price of Freedom

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789015904

Format: Paperback

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The Price of Freedom


17BC Rome's shadow falls over most of Europe and the Middle East. Germania is partly controlled but not conquered. Two young boys are growing up in a tough world. Both are head strong and determined. Drusus is a Roman senators son who craves battle, glory and power and Melo is the son of the King of a powerful Germanian tribe who suffers at the hands of the Romans and wants vengeance and freedom from the shadow of Rome. 

The power they both seek will come their way but as their power grows they are connected, unknowingly, by a woman and they embark on a collision course. They will fight for survival and glory but neither will realise that they are both at the centre of a struggle that will rip their world apart in ways that they could never had imagined...

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