Troubador The Music of Freedom

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591809

Format: Paperback

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The Music of Freedom


Heinrich Müller, conscripted into the German Wehrmacht, is confronted with both the horrors of the SS atrocities in Poland and the evils of Nazi tyranny in his native Austria. Wounded in action, Heinrich finds himself caught up in the highest levels of the Nazi political hierarchy. As a lowly administrator in Salzburg, his musical gifts are utilised to entertain Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering at the Führer’s mountain lair. 

Heinrich is faced head-on by racial intolerance and persecution by the Nazi regime when two young Jewish musical prodigies, put in his charge, are threatened with arrest and deportation. Can he possibly save them? Fleeing to occupied France the children and their unlikely saviour make contact with the French Résistance. A final journey to the Brittany coast is fraught with danger, not least from the possible German penetration of the résistance ring protecting them.  

Because of his close association with Goering, Heinrich possesses information vital for the British war effort, but this makes his pursuers even more determined he will be stopped at all costs.

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