Troubador The McTavish Regressions: Beasts

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462557

Format: Paperback

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The McTavish Regressions: Beasts


Arabesque introduced readers to the tragic events in the past-life regression of Laura Tsvetkovsky, whose lifelong struggle with her disability evolves over the course of The McTavish Regressions novels. Beasts is the second book in this series, which offers the protagonists Wallace & Vivi to prove themselves as a world- class innovative duo, taking the reader to historical moments where victories and defeats set patterns for the future lives of their disturbed patients. They write equally vividly about their own past-life experiences creating a world in which readers will recognize themselves, drawing a thrilling and nuanced portrait of how hypnotherapy meets criminology. 

Who will they meet next? Who will they be next?  

In Beasts, Laura meets another piece to her puzzle and continues to triumph her family saga and life in a wheelchair; McTavish & Buret meanwhile, have their own discoveries through their regressions, notably the potential for using regression therapy to treat recidivism in hardened criminals. The fearless doctors live out this passion in the narrative, giving readers a poignant and universal look into healing and belonging.

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