Troubador The Man Who Lived Twice

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788036139

eISBN: 9781788033923

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Man Who Lived Twice


'The American Civil War threw up many heroes but none more intriguing than Colonel George St Leger Grenfell, the British cavalry officer who achieved legendary status in the Confederate Army. Having campaigned on four different continents with the wounds to prove it, this Cornish mercenary had a guilty secret. He was a wanted criminal who had bankrupted his own father!

In his critically acclaimed novel, The Man Who Lived Twice, David Taylor tells the enthralling story of a deeply flawed man and his romance with an American femme fatale. Matching Grenfell in courage and dubious morality, Rose Greenhow was a Confederate spy who used her sex appeal to winkle secrets out of Lincoln’s Cabinet. What she lacked though was his indestructibility. Grenfell somehow managed to survive a court's death sentence, a crucifixion by prison guards and drowning at sea before being erroneously declared dead.

Through deft narration and pitch perfect dialogue, Taylor brings alive the brutal battlefields of the world’s first modern conflict and the memorable characters who made, marred and mythologised America’s post-war reconstruction.’

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This book was a real surprise. I have never heard of David Taylor not to mention General Grenfell , the protagonist of Talylor’s novel . I love historical fiction but a lot of it is romantic drivel or poorly written history woven around a thread bare plot. Taylor’s novel about a dashin civil war general, his romantic life and his battle and political “fights” makes for an interesting and fast moving novel., one which, as they say, wears its history lightly. Highly recommended for something different and a new author to follow. Hope he writes more like this one!

by Andrew Eichner (via NetGalley)

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