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Troubador The Leave-Takers

Released: 20/01/2004

eISBN: 9781904744023

Format: eBook

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The Leave-Takers

Book 1, 'Journey into Eta' trilogy


In 480BC, Xerxes gathers a great army to bring down Athens. These first long shadows of turmoil to come reach Hagio, High Priestess of Delphi and leader of free women and their young, the Leave-Takers far to the north of Thrace. In a quickly changing world, Hagio must confront her own past to ensure a secure future: she knows the manipulative priest Milos will pursue her, but her determination to deny him must hold firm.

To find escape in the world of men and the cult that would ensnare her, Hagio must first overcome her own fears; she is more than she seems.

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The three novels of the Journey into Eta trilogy -- The Leave-Takers, Dream Thoughts and Trysts, were published in 2004.
The children's novel Survival Days, loosely linked to the trilogy, was published in October 2005 and awarded the 'Readers' Review' first 10/10 score!

Latest publications in The Kuklos Trilogy:
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Forthcoming PublicationsClosing the Helix (2007)

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Amazing book!
I don’t read very often but this one has me hooked while I was on holiday.
Funny and sad at the same time but real which I loved, my mother in law and partner are now reading it it’s that’s good!

by Bex

Margarett Mirley

A joyful, free ranging childhood in a small estuary town and long holidays in a remote woodland cottage gave her unforgettable and useful experience. Later, as the teaching head of an under resourced school overseas, laughter and solidarity brought her and her like-minded team through two wars, constant civil disturbance and unbelievable daily dramas. Her MBE in 1984 was likely for survival than the cited services to education. Later, in calmer days and a thriving school to hand over, she thought it time to explore the creative world within. That led to her first trilogy.

Since then she has been featured in a major article in Dawn's 'Books and Authors Review' and listed in their top English writers of Historical Fiction... for her huge Greek trilogy.

Following acceptance for several major awards, the resultant interest in the rights for a Greek translation would be a large undertaking if followed through. As well as book signings, she has addressed diverse forums, including schools, and talked on BBC Radio Essex about her books and writing. She has written articles for Writers News and Readers' Review Magazine, and was for many years the editor of a monthly community Courier. A member of The Royal Commonwealth Society, the English Speaking Union and recent Chairman of the local British Women's Association, charity fundraising remains an ongoing interest. Concerning that, she recently presented a recorded TV talk show with women on "The International Spirit of Christmas."

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