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Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789010008

Format: Paperback

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The Last Daughter


Why is Rose transported back in time, to the London of 1666? What waits for her there? Will she ever be able to return back to the present day?

Recovering from her father’s death, Rose books into a small London hotel. On one of her explorations, she meets and strikes up a friendship with Alan, vicar of St Mildrith.

During her stay at the Hotel Aragon, Rose encounters Julia, a ghost who has been searching through the centuries for the last daughter, the only woman who can help her. Having found Rose, the spectral Julia spirits her to Pudding Lane, only days before a fire breaks out in a nearby bakery. This scares Rose, and she insists Julia returns her to her own time. Evaluating what has happened to her, Rose asks Alan to join her, and Julia takes them back to the London of 1666.

They become involved in a plan to help Julia, daughter of the third wealthiest man in London escape an arranged marriage, as she has met and fallen love with an ambitious apprentice baker, Adam. 

A fire with dire consequences for London breaks out in Pudding Lane. Can Rose and Alan, whose friendship is slowly developing into love, without either realising it, survive and escape the ravenous fire and return to their own time? Or will they be trapped forever in the London of King Charles II.

Will Julia and Adam succeed in their audacious plan to marry, despite the cavernous divide of their different lives?

Love, check! Family, check! Action, check! Adventure, check! Time travel, check!

The fact that all of these elements are woven together by Ann Turner in such a wonderful way so that the reader is completely engrossed by all of it is amazing! Following Rose through her adventures we see how much of London has changed over the centuries.

Rose has always put others first; her son, her husband, her father; and now it’s time for some me time. She decides to book a hotel room and enjoy a weekend exploring London. Except it doesn’t really turn out the way she planned. Rather than relaxing and enjoying her alone time, she find adventure right where she is.

As she signs in to the hotel, she is warned that visitors have complained about a ghost who is looking for someone in the hotel. No one knows who she is or who she is looking for. Of course, the ghost comes to Rose. Unaccustomed to ghostly visits, Rose finds comfort in a small, unknown local church where she meets Alan, the Vicar.

Rose needs someone to believe her so she brings Alan back to her hotel room and the adventure begins. With Alan by her side, she is taken back to the day before the Great Fire that destroyed London. While there she meets King Charles and spends the day of the fire in his company. She and Alan continue their ‘visit’ with a young woman named Julie and her love Adam.

When they return home again, the worry is if anyone will believe them. Alan finds a number of artifacts and sends them to the Museum of London to have them authenticated. The mystery continues to unfold as more information comes to light about Julie and Rose.

What a wonderful way to visit history on such a momentous day as that of the Great Fire?

by Reem Fakhry (via NetGalley)

This book began well, the train journey was brought alive with the author’s vivid descriptions but I’m afraid that once she reached London and her hotel it began to slide downhill. The introduction of ‘the ghost’ was a little clumsy and then when the two stories came together I found it totally unbelievable and am loathe to say I literally gave up the ghost!

by Judith Sage

I am in love with this book! Romance, ACTION, it has it all!!!!!!!!!!!! I could relate to Rose so much. Selfless, hard-working, and the fact she could have a "me" time inspired me so much. I absolutely love going in time and enjoying the high life of London! Amazingly well-written book and I'd recommend it to everyone!

by Kyree Hummel

What an interesting story. Rose is staying at the Aragon Hotel in London as she recovers from her Father's death. She meets Alan who is the vicar at St Mildrith' a small church near her hotel. Rose meets Julia the hotel's ghost one night. Julia needs her to wed her true love who is a baker and she is a daughter of the nobility. This is Rose's ancestor and though she does not realize it at the beginning her life depends on helping Julia. Alan goes with Rose & Julia to the past to the time of the Great Fire of London in the rein of Charles II. Can Alan & Rose help without interfering with history. It is an exciting time for the two of them and much happens while in that time.

by Nancy Witt (via NetGalley)

The Last Daughter an exciting book of Time Travel and Romance. Period details of 1666 London, The Great Fire, Plague, and an audience with King Charles II. Great characters but I felt like some details were not always consistent with period speach or reactions to the future. I didn’t think that all the characters exposed to information regarding time travel, mobile phones and photos would be so openly accepting but be very wary of them. Excellent ending the author weaves the story lines together and the reader is not left guessing. Thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for making this book available to me to read and review. I look forward to reading more from Ann Turner.

by Jane Ward (via NetGalley)

I am going to make this short and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a ride this book was.. I couldn't put it down. The Last Daughter wants me to find more time travel books. This book was so very well written. There were times that I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

This is one book I will definitely recommend to others!!

by Julie Gustafson

I'll be honest... I nearly couldn't get through the first chapter, but it wasn't the writing, it was what was written. I felt as if Ann were writing about my own life. I have had very similar experiences to Rose, our heroine. My husband became very ill, and eventually passed. My father, who was living with me, became ill, and all the time he was in the hospital, he told me he going home, and he did, just not to mine. We buried him 2 years after my husband passed. It took a year to clean out his home and get it sold. I have one son. My grandmother's name was Rose. My grandfather, on the other side of the family, was Walter. Everywhere I read in this book, I saw aspects of my own life.
When it came to the Great Fire, and the love story of Julia and Adam, I was enthralled. What a wonderful story of two people who refused to let circumstances prevent their love story from enfolding. I loved the loops and swirls of the love stories as more than one couple found happiness within each other. And how much historical detail was woven into this captivating story.

by Johnna Lee

This was a very nice gentle time travel story which took the reader back to the time of the Great Fire of London. I loved that the main characters were of a more mature age. Will definitely read more by this author.

by Gail Wylde

Ann Turner

Production has begun on my third novel, The Last Daughter. This is a time travelling adventure, set in both the present time and London of 1666, at the time of the Great Fire of London.

I will post an update when more information becomes available.

This will hopefully be the image of the Wren church featured in The Last Daughter
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