Troubador The Hermit Trilogy: Book 2

Released: 23/10/2019

eISBN: 9781916203617

Format: eBook

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The Hermit Trilogy: Book 2

The Sweet Land


Sometimes the right path is not the easy one…

A new king, an insult, and a comet are triggers of change as war comes to fourteenth-century Britain. Like a gauntlet of challenge, Glyndwr’s warbands launch attacks on the new king’s men, striking at the English forces from their camps deep in the lush Welsh hills. As bloody mayhem sweeps across the land, innocent people are terrorised to try to subdue the uprising before the flicker turns into flame. Then the rallying cry is clear – fight for independence or live as an oppressed people in your own country.

But which side do you support when you have a mix of nations in your blood? English, Welsh and Normans have shared ties of marriage and family. Even in his remote corner of the Gower coast, Jean-Felipe the hermit sees a future where friend will turn against friend as each one asks themselves in their heart: how far are I prepared to go to defend those I love? 

For some there is a new generation to protect. 

Although he is a man of peace, for Jean-Felipe the choice is simple. He must face the eye of the coming storm and prove once and for all that no force is stronger than his faith – in himself, in God and most of all in his people.

I really liked the cover. It is very appealing designed. The writing style is pleasant and very fluently to read. The characters are very well described and look well thought out and consistently interesting. The tension is always present. The descriptions of surroundings, feelings and scenes were also very good. The story is told pleasant and it succeeds from the first pages to dive directly into the story. The storyline as a whole is very coherent and it seems very understandable and authentic. A very fascinating story that you won't like to stop reading.

by Annemarie

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